Easter Race Day 1967-03-18


Show business celebrities attended the Easter Races of a few accidents

What a Racing Carnival


Easter races are one of the biggest race meetings around the year especially before the professionalization of Hong Kong Racing.


Racedays of such scale were usually be divided into 2 sessions with a lunch break.


Race-goers could leave for their quick luncheons and return with their admission tickets. However, black-market tickets got their opportunities of such re-entry permit whenever the attendance were over the limit and Full House red flags were hoisted.






Actresses Nam Hung, Lee Heung Kam and actor San Ma Si Tsang shown up were the most sensational attractions. They were fond of betting on hot favorites which gave them profitable returns.


The first race day of Easter featured with 8 races under firm going in clear weather. 7 Hot favorites and 1 favorite are winners proven to be the welcoming results which were quite rare in those recent years.


Horses with high odds were all losses. Winner Dividend of HK$5.70 per $5 was a record low since the commencement of the racing season.


Rider Silva had 2 objections though the red lights were not valid twice.


Race 3, Rider Silva on ROCKET WHEEL scored a third Place with the title reminded after protest.


Race 4, Rider Silva on CALMNESS defeated Howe’s GRAPHITE with the title reminded after protest. Owner C S Cheng’s led in his winner and retain his prize money.


Race 6, Wayfoong Centenary Bowl, had double accidents. JAMAICA, the hot favorite broke through its gate and ran back to Paddock A, then it was brought again to the barrier to enter the race. During the start, it knelt slightly but luckily not too serious.


After a few gallops from Two Miles starting gate while passing the Winning Post the first time, novice rider F W Deng fell from GOLDEN STAR which ran the 6 th or 7th inside the field.


After hooves thundering above him, Deng was carried into the ambulance immediately after the accident with no clue about his injury.
He got a narrow escape with only minor abrasion on his face and shoulder being medical treatment.


Race 8 had an on the spot rider replacement by Lee Ka Keung for Deng’s ZOTZ. He could watch the race by the rail after the horrified incident.





The best scorer was jockey Peter K Y So who won WINTER SWIMMER in the trophy race and also took GOLDEN EAGLE straight as a double. Besides, Kenneth Kwok, Howe, H C Chan, Cook, Silva and Rowlan all had a winner while none for Middleton, Williams and Macmillon.





2011-04-18 Easter Races – HKJC



ACKNOWLEDGMENT: this article is based on sources provided by Mr Woody Leung.



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