DIANA BAY 1930-1938


Beauty For Beholders


LIBERTY BAY‘s owner, an American couple, Mr & Mrs Lambert & Elsie Dunbar, with characteristic efficiency made racing history.

Mr Dunbar, a flour merchant from the American North-west.

1920, he came here about to join his father in the firm Flour Broker, Dunbar Bros. Co.



Queen For Punters


DIANA BAY was a gray, mare from China and paired with the legendary stable mate LIBERTY BAY.


They both had their own stables with good reputation of high and even quality of ponies.

1928, there were nine Dunbar ponies, of which six won races.


But no news or reports about DIANA BAY until her Derby victory.





1930-02-25 Annual Meeting, winning the Derby on the third day, Mr Dunbar’s 13.3 DIANA BAY (Mr Hill) did the 1 1/2 miles in 3.07.


1930-02-26, and then won the Champions in the record time of 2.28 for the 1 1/4 miles.


DIANA BAY outrunning both Ho Kom-tong‘s 1929 Derby winner PRESIDENT HALL and Mr Chan Tin-sion’s Pony of the year APOLLO.


1931, the Dunbar China ponies now held five records:


GLENEAGLES, Seven furlongs; FORTUNE BAY, One mile 171 yards; DIANA BAY, 1 1/4 miles; SITTING BULL, 1 1/2 miles and 1 3/4 miles.


1931-02-28, DIANA BAY won the HK Champions Stakes convincingly.


1931-03-02, Victoria Stakes though not too fast due to the weather.


1932, Mr Dunbar entered ten, and Mrs Dunbar six.




Mrs Dunbar’s great ponies were principally the mighty SITTING BULL and the everlasting DIANA BAY.


The Dunbar champions dominated the year. Of their China ponies, DIANA BAY started twice and won both.


1932-02-25, DIANA BAY won the HK Champions Stakes.


1932-02-26, of the China pony events, the Dunbar pony DIANA BAY won the Foochow Cup.


1933, Five of the China pony records were broken again — DIANA BAY did a mile in 1.55 carrying 160 lbs.


DIANA BAY was second at her first start of the year, then won the next six.


1934-02-27, DIANA BAY narrowly averted defeat in the China Stakes.


1935, DIANA BAY had two dead-heats in two starts.


1936-05-08, form awry But DIANA BAY scored triumph in Mount Parker Handicap.


1936-10-23-DIANA BAY, no show on the season Opening.


1937, LIBERTY BAY was entered but did not start. DIANA BAY in three starts had two wins and a second.


1938, LIBERTY BAY and DIANA BAY were both entered — and for the first time in his career the wonderful LIBERTY BAY failed.


DIANA BAY started twice, but apparently only to make the running, for both events were won by her stable-mates.


Mrs Dunbar’s new champion China pony, CONFUSION BAY, established the 1:54 mile.


It dethroned stable-mate DIANA BAY, whose 1.55 had defied all comers since 1933.





1930-1938, DIANA BAY’s total earnings in stake money were HK$34,053.





1940-03-29, Hong Kong Telegraph reported that Mr Dunbar might sell his own Stable to Mr T K Li.


1941-06-11, Hong Kong Telegraph reported that Mrs Dunbar be accompanied by Mr Dunbar to Manila.


1942 onwards, Mr and Mrs Dunbar left the Colony and no more entry with their names.






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