Derby of Hong Kong


Derby (UK /ˈdɑːbɪ/ DAH-bee or US /ˈdɜːrbɪ/ DUR-bee)
1780-05-04, the Derby – etymology was related to Epsom, Oaks, British classic races.
Traditionally, the term “derby” is used strictly to refer to races restricted to three-year-olds.
The most notable exceptions to this rule are the Hong Kong Derby and Singapore Derby, restricted to four-year-old Thoroughbreds.


Inaugural of Hong Kong Derby was run as an annual event subsequently eleven years before the 1884-11-04 formation of HKJC.


In recent years, it became the most richest race except the International Grade 1 events held in Hong Kong.










  • 1873-02-20 SURPRISE won the Happy Valley inaugural Derby, held for 101 more years.
  • 1932-02-22 Liberty Bay won, with another Rooty-Hill Derby for Australian horses.
  • 1942 to 1946 Following the Japanese occupation, both events were suspended.
  • 1947-01-14 NORSE QUEEN, the 1st Derby winner to have a Chinese name 那茜后 .
  • 1961-05-06 no longer ran in 1 mile 4 furlongs ( 2414m ) as had followed the British Epsom Derby and varied for a few distance.
  • 1976-01-17 CORVETTE, the first filly to win the Derby after professionalized Hong Kong racing.
  • 1977-02-21 it was changed to 1,800 meters for the next 20 years.
  • 1979-04-28 has transferred permanently to its present location at Sha Tin.
  • 2000-03-05 has increased to its current 2,000 meters (10 furlongs).
  • 2003-03-23 ELEGANT FASHION became the first winner after the distance changed and the second filly to win the Derby.
  • 2004-03-21, the race had been sponsored by Mercedes-Benz.





Geldings and colts who will participate in the Hong Kong Derby must have a weight of 57.2 kilograms or 126 pounds.


Participating fillies must have a weight of 55.3 kilograms or 122 pounds. (Weight allowance to HK apprentice jockeys and freelance jockeys is not granted.)


Before 1981, there was no set age of the pony or horse, as long as it is a griffin in that season to run.

Since 1981, HKJC has restricted Derby only for Hong Kong race horses of four-years-old.

Afterwards, Northern Hemisphere-bred horses are increased the age of one year older is on the first of January, and the Southern Hemisphere-bred horses is on the first of August.

Southern Hemisphere-bred may be more favorable, but the Northern Hemisphere-bred are usually more competent in long-distances race, so both have their own advantages.

After professionalization of racing, the Derby has been won by several horses who went on to earn Hong Kong Horse of the Year honors including 1982 FOOTBALL, 1983 CO-TACK, 1986 YUNO WHEN and RIVER VERDON, 1993 HELENE STAR, 1995 MAKARPURA STAR, 1997 ORIENTAL EXPRESS, 2005 VENGEANCE OF RAIN and 2006 VIVA PATACA, etc.





  • Trainer Brian Kan won the most as he took 5 Derby.
  • Tony Cruz rode 4 Derby winners and trained his first winner LUCKY OWNER in 2004.
  • 1965-05-15 Johnny Cruz, Tony’s father won his only one on LAKH MARK.
  • Trainer T C Cheng rode 2 Blue Riband winners and trained 2.
  • 1986-02-23 T C Cheng‘s son Paul, booting YUNO WHEN.
  • Trainer George Moore won two successive Blue Ribands, ridden by his son Gary in 1980 and 1981.
  • 2006-03-26 John Moore, George Moore’s first son, won his first with VIVA PATACA.



Winners of the Hong Kong Derby



Date Jockey Horse Trainer # Dist. Owner
1873-02-20 Allan SURPRISE Not Applicable The 1st Derby 1-1/2 miles Lowcock
1874-02-19 Dunn ALONE Not Applicable The 2nd Derby 1-1/2 miles Derick
1875-02-25 Ainslie CHEROKEE Not Applicable The 3rd Derby 1-1/2 miles Sidney
1876-02-24 Nickels WHITE FRIAR Not Applicable The 4th Derby 1-1/2 miles St Andrew
1877-02-22 Nacrant COCK ROBIN Not Applicable The 5th Derby 1-1/2 miles Skelton
1878-02-28 Lewis WHITE VELVET Not Applicable The 6th Derby 1-1/2 miles Paul
1879-02-17 Hutchings GIRTHS Not Applicable The 7th Derby 1-1/2 miles Kerfoot
1880-02-26 Ogle FILON D’OR Not Applicable The 8th Derby 1-1/2 miles W H Forbes
1881-02-22 Hutchings WILD RACE Not Applicable The 9th Derby 1-1/2 miles Kerfoot
1882-02-23 Ogle HUNTSMAN Not Applicable The 10th Derby 1-1/2 miles St Andrew
1883-02-21 Bidwell AMBASSADOR Not Applicable The 11th Derby 1-1/2 miles St Vincent
1884-02-20 Pond RAPPAHANNOCK Not Applicable The 12th Derby 1-1/2 miles Paul
1885-02-25 Pond FUN Not Applicable The 13th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey
1886-02-24 Pond MARAUDER Not Applicable The 14th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey
1887-02-23 Hutchings HARVESTOR Not Applicable The 15th Derby 1-1/2 miles Sassoon
1888-02-22 Reynell LEAP YEAR Not Applicable The 16th Derby 1-1/2 miles John Peel
1889-02-20 Pond PAO SHING Not Applicable The 17th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey
1890-02-26 Maclean ENTERTAINER Not Applicable The 18th Derby 1-1/2 miles Sid
1891-02-19 Master ARDENT Not Applicable The 19th Derby 1-1/2 miles John Peel
1892-02-18 Maclean LIGHTNING Not Applicable The 20th Derby 1-1/2 miles Sassoon
1893-02-23 Sassoon BLACK PEARL Not Applicable The 21st Derby 1-1/2 miles Heinrich
1894-02-22 Taylor DARE DEVIL Not Applicable The 22nd Derby 1-1/2 miles Taylor
1895-02-20 Burkill BLACK VELVET Not Applicable The 23rd Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey
1896-02-20 Burkill STANDARD Not Applicable The 24th Derby 1-1/2 miles Newman
1897-02-17 Master RED FISH Not Applicable The 25th Derby 1-1/2 miles John Peel
1898-02-15 W Cox YENISEI Not Applicable The 26th Derby 1-1/2 miles Hopeful
1899-02-21 Wuillenmuir WILD ROSE Not Applicable The 27th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey
1900-02-20 Johnson BULBUL Not Applicable The 28th Derby 1-1/2 miles J H Lewis
1901-02-26 Johnson KISMET Not Applicable The 29th Derby 1-1/2 miles Sir Horace McMahon
1902-02-19 Gresson IVY Not Applicable The 30th Derby 1-1/2 miles Major-Gen Sir W Gascoigne
1903-02-10 W Cox BRILLIANT Not Applicable The 31st Derby 1-1/2 miles Lt-Col Hughes
1904-02-23 W Cox CORONET ROSE Not Applicable The 32nd Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey
1905-02-22 Gresson COTSWOLD Not Applicable The 33rd Derby 1-1/2 miles John Peel
1906-02-13 Hayes TRIUMPH ROSE Not Applicable The 34th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey
1907-02-20 Master SPRING ROSE Not Applicable The 35th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey
1908-02-12 Johnstone KIRKWOOD Not Applicable The 36th Derby 1-1/2 miles John Peel
1909-02-17 Burkill LITTLE GEM ROSE Not Applicable The 37th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey
1910-02-16 Burkill ROYAL ROSE Not Applicable The 38th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey
1911-02-15 Burkill CORONATION ROSE Not Applicable The 39th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey
1912-02-22 Burkill WHITE HAWTHORN Not Applicable The 40th Derby 1-1/2 miles Sir Paul
1913-02-25 Johnstone FIJIAN CHIEF Not Applicable The 41st Derby 1-1/2 miles Ellis Kadoorie
1914-02-17 Brand JEWEL ASTER Not Applicable The 42nd Derby 1-1/2 miles Sir Paul
1915-02-23 Vida PERFECTION DAHLIA Not Applicable The 43rd Derby 1-1/2 miles Sir Paul
1916-02-22 Burkill WINSOME DAHLIA Not Applicable The 44th Derby 1-1/2 miles Sir Paul
1917-02-27 Johnstone SILVER STREAK Not Applicable The 45th Derby 1-1/2 miles John Peel
1918-02-26 Knoll TYTAM CHIEF Not Applicable The 46th Derby 1-1/2 miles Sir Ellis Kadoorie
1919-02-25 W Hill MOUNTAIN KING Not Applicable The 47th Derby 1-1/2 miles G H Potts
1920-02-12 W Hill ALLIED KING Not Applicable The 48th Derby 1-1/2 miles G H Potts
1921-02-24 W Hill INVINCIBLE KING Not Applicable The 49th Derby 1-1/2 miles G H Potts
1922-02-21 Doyle SUN STAR Not Applicable The 50th Derby 1-1/2 miles H Birkett
1923-03-01 Soares IDEAL DAHLIA Not Applicable The 51st Derby 1-1/2 miles Sir Paul
1924-02-21 W Hill COURTFIELD Not Applicable The 52nd Derby 1-1/2 miles Messrs Morriss & Marshall
1925-02-17 H Maitland LOCAL OPTION Not Applicable The 53rd Derby 1-1/2 miles John Peel
1926-03-02 McBain GLORIOUS DAHLIA Not Applicable The 54th Derby 1-1/2 miles Sir Paul
1927-03-01 Dallas ELLIOT BAY Not Applicable The 55th Derby 1-1/2 miles L Dunbar
1928-02-14 H Maitland SITTING BULL Not Applicable The 56th Derby 1-1/2 miles Mrs E L Dunbar
1929-02-26 C Encarnacao PRESIDENT HALL Not Applicable The 57th Derby 1-1/2 miles Ho Kom Tong
1930-02-25 W Hill DIANA BAY Not Applicable The 58th Derby 1-1/2 miles L Dunbar
1931-03-03 Y S Chang KING’S SERVICE Not Applicable The 59th Derby 1-1/2 miles Dynasty
1932-02-22 W Hill LIBERTY BAY Not Applicable The 60th Derby 1-1/2 miles L Dunbar
1933-02-20 V V Needa TRENTBRIDGE Not Applicable The 61st Derby 1-1/2 miles Mrs Pearce
1934-02-26 B A Proulx HYDROPLANE Not Applicable The 62nd Derby 1-1/2 miles Plane
1935-02-18 W H S Davis HEROD Not Applicable The 63rd Derby 1-1/2 miles Hem
1936-02-24 V V Needa HONEYMOON EVE Not Applicable The 64th Derby 1-1/2 miles Eve
1937-02-22 V V Needa HAPPY EVE Not Applicable The 65th Derby 1-1/2 miles Eve
1938-02-21 R B Moller SILKYLIGHT Not Applicable The 66th Derby 1-1/2 miles Cire
1939-02-27 C Encarnacao ROSE ELECT Not Applicable The 67th Derby 1-1/2 miles Eu Tong Sen
1940-02-19 R B Moller SATINLIGHT Not Applicable The 68th Derby 1-1/2 miles Cire
1941-02-18 V V Needa OOLONG Not Applicable The 69th Derby 1-1/2 miles T K L
1947-01-14 A Ostroumoff NORSE QUEEN Not Applicable The 70th Derby 1-1/2 miles R Johannessen
1948-01-19 E A Brodie ATAMAN N Tiukavkin The 71st Derby 1-1/2 miles Grebro
1949-01-18 W K Shieh GOLDEN DAHLIA Lai Loi Fook The 72nd Derby 1-1/2 miles Dahlia
1950-04-08 K Kwok CLONFECKLE N Thomas The 73rd Derby 1-1/2 miles John Peel
1951-05-12 B L Tao GOLD MEDAL P Leskoff The 74th Derby 1-1/2 miles L T F
1952-05-31 R Tsai KNOCK-DOWN Wong Siu Hung The 75th Derby 1-1/2 miles Auctioneer
1953-05-02 M Samarcq BABSIE N Metrevelli The 76th Derby 1-1/2 miles Denis Hazell
1954-05-08 H K Chuang JINGLE BELL Wong Siu Hung The 77th Derby 1-1/2 miles Royal
1955-04-09 P Y T Wei LIGHTNING FEET Chiang Ming Yau The 78th Derby 1-1/2 miles K K Fung
1956-04-28 Chun Kit BALKAN MONARCH N Metrevelli The 79th Derby 1-1/2 miles O R Sadrick
1957-05-11 K Kwok SERBU E K Tokmakoff The 80th Derby 1-1/2 miles Dr Leung Tin Sun & Partners
1958-05-10 Albert Lam GENGHIS KHAN M Pereboeff The 81st Derby 1-1/2 miles Li Che Ho
1959-05-02 M Samarcq FASCINATION Wong Siu Hung The 82nd Derby 1-1/2 miles F K Pattinson & Hui Sai Fun
1960-04-30 T H Yau VIRTUOUS N Metrevelli The 83rd Derby 1-1/2 miles Leung Tak Wa
1961-05-06 R Tsai WALBROOK N Metrevelli The 84th Derby About 1 mile 3 furlongs 65 yards Wayfoong
1962-05-19 R Tsai LIAR DICE Lee Tin Lam The 85th Derby About 1 mile 3 furlongs 65 yards P V C E Liebenschutz
1963-05-18 G H Williams BIG GAME M Pereboeff The 86th Derby 1-1/4 miles Lai Im Tong
1964-05-02 Albert Lam CZARINA Cheung Hok Man The 87th Derby 1-1/4 miles Chiu Keung Wa
1965-05-15 J M da Cruz LAKH MARK N Metrevelli The 88th Derby 1-1/4 miles Kwong Wing Kam
1966-05-21 T Tam TENDER HEART N Metrevelli The 89th Derby 1-1/4 miles Dr R A Perry
1967-05-06 Alex Lam ASCOT Cheung Hok Man The 90th Derby About 1 mile 171 yards Ng Chung Kwan
1968-05-11 T J Hore EXCEL Lee Tin Lam The 91st Derby About 1 mile 171 yards R V Louey & L E Louey
1969-05-10 G H Williams PADDY M K Tam The 92nd Derby About 1 mile 171 yards Donovan Benson
1970-01-17 A J da Silva MOUNT SUPERIOR Lee Tin Lam The 93rd Derby About 1 mile 171 yards Dr & Mrs Yen Ching Lan
1971-01-23 G B Collopy GWYNT-TEG D Belov The 94th Derby About 1 mile 171 yards R Beynon
1972-01-22 T C Cheng VIVACIOUS G Sofronoff The 95th Derby About 1 mile 171 yards Chan Wai Kam
1973-01-13 G Cadwaladr KENTUCKY LAD J H Brown The 96th Derby 2230M T C Yuen
1974-01-05 T C Cheng THROGMORTON N Metrevelli The 97th Derby 2230M Wayfoong
1975-01-18 P Eddery BREATHING EXERCISE J H Brown The 98th Derby 2230M John C P Koo
1976-01-17 P Paquet CORVETTE P Supple The 99th Derby 2230M John J Swaine
1977-02-21 P Eddery GRAND DUKE P M Chue The 100th Derby 1800M Lee Pak Huen
1978-04-22 P Miers TOP GAIN M K Tam The 101st Derby 1800M Kaichu Jay
1979-04-28 D Brosnan GREAT SUCCESS G Sofronoff The 102nd Derby 1800M Leung Sik Wah
1980-04-19 G W Moore EXCALIBUR G Moore The 103rd Derby 1800M Li & Fenton
1981-01-03 G W Moore FLASH OF GOLD G Moore The 104th Derby 1800M Colin Chan Ken Pin
1982-01-16 J Mercer FOOTBALL T C Cheng The 105th Derby 1800M Lau Yiu Chu
1983-01-29 A S Cruz CO-TACK T P Wong The 106th Derby 1800M Tsui Tack Kong & Tsui Tack Suen
1984-01-22 P Paquet BABY TIGER T C Cheng The 107th Derby 1800M Shih Yeh-Ming
1985-02-02 B Rouse SUPERIOR GOLD P C Kan The 108th Derby 1800M Joseph Lo Sze Kuen
1986-02-23 C M Cheng YUNO WHEN P C Kan The 109th Derby 1800M D C da Silva
1987-02-21 A S Cruz TEA FOR TWO II C L Ng The 110th Derby 1800M Lee Shing Fat
1988-02-27 A S Cruz CLEAR CITY P M Chu The 111st Derby 1800M Leung Chiu-Lun & Ng Tze-Choy
1989-02-26 B Leisher WILLIAM’S COACH P C Kan The 112nd Derby 1800M Ma Hay Yan
1990-02-25 M Philipperon RELIABLE SOURCE B K Ng The 113rd Derby 1800M Charles Lui Chi Keung
1991-02-24 J Matthias RIVER VERDON D Hill The 114th Derby 1800M Sir Oswald Cheung & The Hon Ronald Arculli
1992-02-29 M Kinane SOUND PRINT P C Kan The 115th Derby 1800M Edmund Tam Wing Fan
1993-03-07 E Legrix HELENE STAR P L Biancone The 116th Derby 1800M Mr & Mrs Woo Po Shing & Cheung Wai Hing
1994-02-27 G Mosse SUPER FIT L Fownes The 117th Derby 1800M Stanley Ho Sau Nan
1995-02-26 A S Cruz MAKARPURA STAR J Moore The 118th Derby 1800M Frank Wong Wing Pak
1996-02-25 M Kinane CHE SARA SARA D Oughton The 119th Derby 1800M Paul Kan Man Lok
1997-02-23 B Marcus ORIENTAL EXPRESS I W Allan The 120th Derby 1800M Larry C K Yung
1998-03-01 E Legrix JOHAN CRUYFF P L Biancone The 121st Derby 1800M Thomas Liang Ting Sen
1999-03-07 D Harrison HOLY GRAIL I W Allan The 122nd Derby 1800M Mr & Mrs Michael C Kwee
2000-03-05 R Fradd KEEN WINNER A T Millard The 123rd Derby 2000M Victor Lui Ting, Lau Chi Wah & Jimmy Lee Yee Liong
2001-03-25 G Mosse INDUSTRIAL PIONEER P C Kan The 124th Derby 2000M Albert Hu Si Nok, Ngan Keng Hing, Tang Ying Hon & Kenneth Kong Siu Chee
2002-03-17 W C Marwing OLYMPIC EXPRESS I W Allan The 125th Derby 2000M Larry C K Yung
2003-03-23 G Mosse ELEGANT FASHION D A Hayes The 126th Derby 2000M Dr & Mrs Gene Tsoi Wai Wang
2004-03-21 F Coetzee LUCKY OWNERS A S Cruz The 127th Derby 2000M Mr & Mrs Leung Kai Fai
2005-03-13 A Delpech VENGEANCE OF RAIN D E Ferraris The 128th Derby 2000M Chow Nam & Raymond Gianco Chow Hon Man
2006-03-26 C Soumillon VIVA PATACA J Moore The 129th Derby 2000M Stanley Ho Hung Sun
2007-03-18 B Prebble VITAL KING P O’Sullivan The 130th Derby 2000M Chong Man Lung
2008-03-16 F Coetzee HELENE MASCOT A S Cruz The 131st Derby 2000M Wilson Woo Ka Wah, Dawson Woo Ka Chung, Jackson Woo Ka Biu & Carmen Woo Ka Man
2009-03-22 D Beadman COLLECTION J Moore The 132nd Derby 2000M 07/08 John Moore Trainer Syndicate
2010-03-14 D Whyte SUPER SATIN C Fownes The 133rd Derby 2000M Ranjan Tikam Mahtani
2011-03-20 M Guyon AMBITIOUS DRAGON A T Millard The 134th Derby 2000M Johnson Lam Pui Hung & Anderson Lam Hin Yue
2012-03-18 D Whyte FAY FAY J Size The 135th Derby 2000M Alexander Wong
2013-03-17 D Whyte AKEED MOFEED R Gibson The 136th Derby 2000M Pan Sutong
2014-03-17 T Berry DESIGNS ON ROME J Moore The 137th Derby 2000M Cheng Keung Fai
2015-03-15_9 Z Purton LUGER J Size The 138th Derby 2000M Terry Fok Kwong Hang
2016-03-20_9 H Bowman WERTHER J Moore The 139th Derby 2000M Johnson Chen
2017-03-19_8 J Moreira RAPPER DRAGON J Moore The 140th Derby 2000M Albert Hung Chao Hong
2018-03-18_8 R Moore PING HAI STAR J Size The 141th Derby 2000M Zeng Shengli
2019-03-17_8 H Bowman FURORE F C Lor The 142th Derby 2000M Lee Sheung Chau






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