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Blue Ribbon for Her Majesty





During the Japanese occupation, HK Derby had been suspended.

1947, the Blue Ribbon race was resumed and held as the first time after WWII.

Quality of the post-war horses became more even, so only one “Hong Kong Derby” thereafter.


Chinese names for horses were officially interpreted for horse such as NORSE QUEEN, one of the Derby winners.
However, names might still have different Chinese characters for depiction.





1947-01-14 Tuesday, 3 p.m, the 1st day of Annual Race Meeting, Race 3. The 70th Hong Kong Derby

Sweepstakes of $20 each, $5- additional for Starters, with $4000 added.

Winner to receive 70%. Second 20% Third 10% of the total amont.

Weight for inches as per scale.

Ponies to be ridden by Jockeys who have won at least 10 Official flat races anywhere or Jockeys approved by the Stewards.


The Derby Day had its glamorous attendance with fashion parade and private parties on the racecourse.

Approximately 750,000 tickets on the Special Cash Sweep had been sold by the HKJC.


The large throng of spectators, both inside the enclosure and out in the streets, were amply compensated by the really high standard of horsemanship demonstrated by all the jockeys.

They were especially impressed by A Ostroumoff who masterfully handling of NORSE QUEEN, the winner.

His Excellency the Governor, Lady Young and Miss Young arrived shortly before the race earlier than the Main event.

The First Family enjoyed the running of the three Classics — the Derby, Ladies’ Purse, and Chater Cup.

Miss Young presented the Purse.





There were only five starters for the Derby.

On the rise of the barrier, KIM (Donald Black up) took the lead closely followed by DAISY BELL (S.L. Yuen). AIR BORNE (Mitland), SOOKUNPOTS and NORSE QUEEN,

After passing the stables KIM bored out badly.

Overtaken by AIR BORNE and DAISY BELL with NORSE QUEEN holding third, the other positions unchanged.


As the field approached the football stand DAISY BELL took the leading position for a little while.

By the time the Black Rock was reached, DAISY BELL had already shot her bolt and was fast falling back; AIR BORNE was also tiring.

At the “rock” SOOKUNPOTS shot up in front, but NORSE QUEEN taking – no chances.

Immediately she made a splendid challenge against SOOKUNPOTS and easily passed him.

Nearing the bend, SOOKUNPOTS went up front, followed by AIR BORNE and NORSE QUEEN who was coming up fast on the outside.


Entering the straight, Mr. P. M. Hoo’s pony was relegated to third position while, Ostroumoff‘s mount was making a final spurt.

Opposite the public stands, NORSE QUEEN forged to the front and best SOOKUNPOTS to the winning post.

She won comfortably after a strong finish amidst the cheers of thousands of enthusiastic spectators.

The margin was two and a lengths with SOOKUNPOTS, AIR BORNE third tagging many lengths behind.





The Derby winner was led into the Members’ Stand by the proud owners Mr and Mrs R. Johannessen and was given a big cheers.

Mr. A. Ostroumoff thoroughly deserved the great ovation accorded him when his mount, NORSE QUEEN was led in.

He gave one of the best display of horsemanship seen since that Meeting.

His timing was superb. refusing to permit himself to be flustered by the speed of the leaders.

He carefully nursed his mount until the final quarter when he gave NORSE QUEEN a free rein.

The winner run in two and a half length, ahead of the strongest contender, SOOKUNPOTS (D. G Woo, up).


1. NORSE QUEEN, 140 (Ostroumoff); 2. SOOKUNPOTS, 149 (Woo); 3. AIR BORNE, 162 (Maitland).


Time: 2:47:0


Win: $9.20

Places: $6.60; $9.30





It is interesting to recall that this is first time for many years that the winner of the Valley Stakes (a short distance event) won the Derby.

In former years, the winner of the Trail Plate (1-1/4 miles) usually stood the best chance of accounting for the blue ribbon.

But SOOKUNPOTS failed and went down to a pony of undoubtedly better stamina.


960 meters = 1/2 mile 170 yards, 1207 meters = 6 Furlong, 1609 meters = 1 mile,, 1766 meters = 1 mile 171 yards, 2012 meters = 1-1/4mile, 2861 meters = 1-3/4 miles.





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Acknowledgement to Mr Peter YUEN for supplying data.

Acknowledgement to HKJC Racing Registry for offering record.





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