CUHK Alumni Cup (trophy race)



A Race Of Nobility And Beauty; A Game Of Loyalty And Majesty





1963-10-17 The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) was formally established,as a public research university in Shatin, Hong Kong,



CUHK Alumni Cup” is a short form of the “Chinese University Alumni Cup”.

The motto of the University is ‘Through learning and temperance to virtue’.

The emblem of the University is the mythical Chinese bird feng, a symbol of nobility, beauty, loyalty and majesty.

The University colours are purple and gold, representing devotion and loyalty, and perseverance and resolution, respectively.





2003-10-05 The Federation of Alumni Associations of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK – FAA) staged the CUHK Alumni Cup for the first time.

Originally, it was announced as a one-off event programmed as a race.

The running was held as part of the university’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

Later, it has been changed as an annual trophy race for each racing season.



Race Date C.No Horse Brand Owner Trainer Jockey Dist. Cl. Time
2003-10-05 3 CELESTIAL MAGIC B363 Chinese Recreation Club Syndicate D A Hayes A Marcus 1000 2 0.57.00
2005-01-16 8 TRIUMPHANT UNICORN D166 So Tai Wai C S Shum D Holland 1400 2 1.23.50
2006-01-15 10 DON FELIPE D273 Mrs Aida H Vine J Size D Whyte 1400 3 1.23.10
2007-03-25 2 PLEZAYRE G116 So Kai Sing J Moore O Doleuze 1000 3 0.56.30
2008-03-30 6 REAL SPECIAL H320 Mr & Mrs Kenneth Lau Ip Keung J Size F Coetzee 2000 3 2.02.90
2009-03-28 12 BOOMING CITY E325 Ling Chiu Shing A Lee H W Lai 1200 2 1.10.78
2010-03-21 13 IMPLIED VOLATILITY K046 Patrick Fu Kor Kuen Y O Wong Y T Cheng 1800 3 1.49.11
2011-03-27 2 KING OF SCOTS K084 Mr & Mrs Hamen Fan Shi Hoo A Schutz D Whyte 1600 3 1.36.06
2012-03-25 10 EAGLE SPIRIT L326 08/09 Andreas Schutz Trainer Syndicate A Schutz M Chadwick 2000 3 2.03.29
2013-03-24 5 WHY NOT N053 Red Horse Syndicate C H Yip Z Purton 1600 3 1.36.14
2014-03-30 1 TOUR DE FORCE N297 The Hon & Mrs Andrew Li Kwok Nang J Size K Teetan 1200 2 1.08.98
2015-03-21 3 SOLAR KINGDOM S041 William Yu Kit Ying L Ho K C Leung 1400 4 1.22.64
2016-04-10_7 5 HAMMER KING V034 Mr & Mrs Lau Che Keung & Lau Shuk Yee P F Yiu J Moreira 1200 3 1.10.32
2017-04-02_7 8 KINGSFIELD T403 Edmond Yue Kwok Yin R Gibson K C Leung 1400 3 1.21.93
2018-04-15_6 3 NAMJONG PLUS B048 Claudia Sze Hill Tung A Lee K Teetan 1600 4 1.36.51
2019-03-31_6 2 PERFECT PAIR C027 Sherman Ting Wing Cheung, David Ting Chi Ho & Joyce Ting Tung Sum W Y So J Moreira 1400 4 1.22.52






Usually, Chairman of the Council of CUHK with President of CUHKFAA and Chairman of CUHK Convocation have presented the trophy to the winning owner.

In addition, the owner, trainer and jockey of the winning horse will each receive a miniature of the trophy.





The CUHK Alumni Cup races, so far, all have been held on Turf in Sha Tin Racecourse yearly.






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