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Etymological Hill Of Goats And Cricket Games


Craigengower Cricket Club (CCC) is the 2nd oldest cricket club besides the June 1851 formed Hong Kong Cricket Club.


1894, Craigengower Cricket Club was founded by a School Principal Mr. W. D. Braidwood.


He named the club from the building ‘Craigengower‘ which housed his school.


He was a Scot which probably explains the source of the name.


Craigengower means “the Hill of Goats” in Gaelic, pertaining to the Gaels, a Celtic language native to Scotland.


The area in the north-east corner of Happy Valley was the secondary site after moving from the original ground at Bonham Road.



Historical Track For Ponies And Horse Races


In Happy Valley racing, the small course and the pear shape of the track had always made some of the starts awkward.


Among these, the Five Furlong and Six Furlong posts were both at sharp bends.


1901, HKJC obtained permission from the Government to start the Six Furlong races just in front of the Craigengower Cricket Club previous pavilion entrance.


1930, the race book contained a map of the course showing this tangent extension.


It gave the ponies a straight run across where the previously Hong Kong Football Club’s bowling green, and across what is now Sports Road, directly up to to The Black Rock, then entering the Village Bend.


The Five Furlong races could then start on Sports Road.


When the Football Club built a matshed stadium, the Six Furlong starts could not be seen from the Jockey Club stands.


A tall flagpole was erected near the Craigengower pavilion to signal when the ponies were off.


1931, with the increasing demands of Cricket, Football, Lawn Tennis, Lawn Bowls and Baseball, the Government’s permission for this variation of the track was withdrawn.





Race Hor. No. Horse Name Jockey Trainer Owner Loca. Dist. Ra.Time
1980-05-07 AL095 GOLDEN CHANCE W Burnett Supple P. Wong Ying Kong & Wong Ming Chuang ST 2000 2.09.40
1981-04-04 AN041 SHAMROCK G W Moore Moore G. Prof. & Mrs Sean Mackey HV 2230 2.24.60
1982-04-10 AP040 HYALITE P Paquet Smyth G. Wo Kei Syndicate HV 2230 2.24.80
1983-04-04 AP052 VELOCITY G W Moore Moore G. Robert Yeu Choi Lee HV 1800 1.53.90
1983-11-20 AT028 PACKSTAR C M Cheng Cheng T.C. Fung Kam Chung ST 1000 0.57.70
1984-11-17 AV048 SEA PEARL B Taylor Ward A. Royal Hong Kong Golf Club ST 1200 1.11.60
1985-11-23 AV003 STRAIGHT FLUSH T C C Chan Cheung H.M. Robin Hauser ST 1400 1.27.60
1986-03-25 BC109 FASHION KING P H Chan Lo K.C. William Choi Kin HV 1235 1.17.00
1987-12-02 AS134 FOOTBALL G Allendorf Hutchison B. Lau Yiu Chu HV 2230 2.23.00
1988-12-14 BD145 MULTI DELIGHT K H Hung Au K.H. Peter Law Kin Sang HV 0975 0.58.10
1990-02-07 BG336 GOOD INCOME M Philipperon Ng B.K. Daniel Koo Shing Cheong HV 2230 2.21.50
1991-01-09 BE024 ROYAL CLASS J Matthias Hill D. Club 66 Syndicate HV 2230 2.22.70
1992-01-01 BE073 TOP HAT D Murphy Biancone P.L. Alfred Hui Sik Yin HV 1800 1.53.60
1993-01-01 BG335 CLASSIC PLEASURE D Lee Ng B.K. Daniel Tong Kam Pui HV 1800 1.52.70
1994-01-01 BK217 COP THE CASH J Marshall Moore J. Daniel Chu Chiu Man ST 1400 1.24.20
1994-11-16 BK058 FORTUNE RIDE M Kinane Chan P.H. Mr & Mrs Ng Chun Ping HV 2230 2.20.50
1996-01-01 BL174 DRIFTING AWAY B Marcus Leung T.W. Lo Sing Pui ST 2000 2.04.30
1996-12-29 BM207 COMPULSORY E Legrix Yiu P.F. Glenn W C Chan ST 1400 1.23.10
1998-02-21 BS018 COSMO ONE C K Tse Lo K.C. Tang Man To ST 1200 1.11.30
1999-01-27 BL083 DRAGON’S PAL A Munro Lui K.W. Shum Kong, Shum Chau & Shum Yeung HV 1000 0.58.00
2000-02-23 BN035 HONG KONG LEGEND R Fradd Moore J. Luk King Tin HV 1200 1.11.60
2001-02-21 A019 SMART WINNER S King Cruz D. Super Hero Syndicate HV 1200 1.10.10
2002-02-20 BP208 CLASSIC JESTER M W Leung Allan I.W. Yeung Kwok Ki & Angela Yeung Pui Yan HV 1000 0.58.90
2003-02-19 C015 DASHING CHAMPION E Legrix Ng B.K. Joseph Choi Yip Leung & Choi Fong Hon Mei HV 1200 1.10.70
2004-02-18 B300 ENGINEERING WONDER G Schofield Ho L. Ken Au Yeung Kwok Shing HV 1200 1.10.80
2005-02-16 D190 OKEYDOKEY S Dye Ferraris D.E. Piera Ho See Ming HV 1000 0.57.50
2006-02-15 C188 SHANGHAI KING F Coetzee Cruz A.S. George Chao Sze Kwong HV 1800 1.51.00
2007-02-07 G095 EASY Y T Cheng Lui K.W. David Group Syndicate HV 1000 0.57.20
2008-02-13 G310 CALIFORNIAMOUNTAIN C Soumillon Cruz A.S. Thomas Liang Ting Sen HV 1800 1.50.30
2009-02-11 K002 CHARMGOLD J Victoire Yiu P.F. Allen Chan Wing Loong HV 1200 1.10.38
2010-01-06 L037 TAI SING YEH D Whyte Man K.L. Edwin Cheung Hon Kit HV 1200 1.09.95
2011-02-09 K292 AMEDEO G Cheyne Millard A.T. Bonnie Fong Shin Tsing HV 1000 0.57.39
2012-01-18 L136 HAWTHORNE C W Wong Yiu P.F. Alan Wong Wai Kai & Amanda Wong Wai Ying HV 1000 0.57.09
2013-01-23 M119 SUNNY FAY T Queally J Moore Matthew Wong Leung Pak HV 1200 1.10.35
2014-02-05 P429 GENERAL IRON D Whyte C S Shum Kam Hing Yuen HV 1000 0.57.25
2015-01-25 N342 FABULOUS NOVEMBER K Teetan R Gibson Stephen Chang Tso Tung, Timothy Sun & Leung Sze Tien HV 1200 1.09.16
2016-01-13 T358 BACK IN BLACK K Teetan P O’Sullivan Kevin Michael Taylor & Thiyagarajah Rajah HV 1000 0.58.04
2017-02-08 N342 BLAZING PASS D Whyte A S Cruz Julian Hui Chun Hang & Michele Monique Reis HV 2200 2.16.92
2018-02-07 V362 NAVAS H T Mo R Gibson Jean-Paul Cuvelier HV 1200 1.10.94
2019-01-16 V362 NAVAS Z Purton R Gibson Jean-Paul Cuvelier HV 1200 1.10.40





1980-05-07 came the inaugural race of Craigengower Cricket Club Challenge Cup at the Shatin racecourse.


It was also the only trophy event held on sand track in Happy Valley.


Different classes, distances and locations have been raced yearly.





1981-04-04 SHAMROCK, a Class 6 horse won the 2230 meter in Happy Valley.


1983-11-20 PACKSATER, a top class sprinter won the 1000 meter in Sha Tin.


1994-01-01, HKJC record still shown its former Chinese translation before it has been changed to a new one, though Craigengower remains unchanged.


1999-01-27, thereafter the trophy events have been held in Happy Valley evening races.





Craigengower Cricket Club Syndicate


Craigengower Cricket Club Official Web





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