[:en]CO-TACK (AS121)[:zh]同德 (AS121)[:]

4 Responses to [:en]CO-TACK (AS121)[:zh]同德 (AS121)[:]

  1. 競馬 says:

    初出「同德」由呂健威胯下跑獲第三名, 隨後直落三場大勝而回。

  2. 競馬 says:

    1983, CO-TACK‘s 1600m record time of 1:33.3 was broken on 2007-10-21 by DOWN TOWN 1.33.1

  3. RicoCell says:


  4. RicoCell says:

    Wayne Harris, 1994 Melbourne Cup winner JEUNE’s jockey with David Hayes, rode the last race of CO-TACK.

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