Classic Mile


Prelude Of The Rising Stars


It is the first-leg of the three set weights Group 1 races for four year old horses in Hong Kong.



Drill For The Testing Cars


It has been run over a distance of 1600 metres.


It was originally a Group 3 race.


It was the traditional lead-up race for the Hong Kong Derby.





1980-12-06 was the inaugural race of The Hong Kong Classic Mile.


2000-02-12, this race was upgraded to domestic Group 1 status.


2004-02-15, this race had been named as Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Classic Mile for its sponsor.


2013-01-20, this race has been renamed back as The Hong Kong Classic Mile.





1980-12-06 SUPER PLENTIFUL A S Cruz C L Ng Yau Sui Tong 01:23.4
1981-12-05 GILGIT G W Moore G Moore Mr & Mrs Alan Li 01:22.8
1983-01-15 GAY EIGHTY B Taylor T C Cheng Dr Douglas Laing 01:36.9
1983-12-31 SILVER SURF P Eddery B Hutchison Dr Bill Oram 01:38.3
1985-01-13 GAY HUNDRED B Thomson T C Cheng Dr Douglas Laing 01:37.2
1986-01-25 DISTINCTION G W Moore G Moore Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun 01:35.2
1987-01-18 GOLD BELT W Ryan P C Kan Yu Dat Ming 01:35.6
P Leyshan
G Smyth R. M. Shroff 01:37.1
1989-02-08 GERRNAS A S Cruz
H F Lam
Cheung Sau Man 01:51.7
1990-02-03 ZAITECH W R Swinburn P C Kan Decamicus Syndicate 01:52.4
1991-02-02 GREENMAIL
N Barker
J Moore Mok Ying Kee 01:37.0
1992-02-06 SOUND PRINT M Kinane P C Kan Edmund Tam Wing Fan 01:36.9
1993-02-13 HAPPY GUY A S Cruz P C Kan Lam Kin Ming 01:35.3
1994-02-12 STERLING TOWN
L Piggott
I W Allan Michael Shum Wai Kit & Lim Kiam Leng 01:37.0
1995-02-05 BOGIE’S PRIDE
D Holland
P H Chan Dr Andy Kong On Tai & Dr Eric Fung King Hay 01:35.4
1996-02-03 Mr Vitality B Marcus I W Allan Larry Yung 01:35.3
1997-01-25 SMART KID P Strydom S T Wong Helen Lee Nim Yee 01:36.0
1998-02-07 JOHAN CRUYFF E Legrix P Biancone Thomas Liang Ting Sen 01:34.4
1999-02-06 RESFA B Marcus D A Hayes James Lau Po Man & Alice Woo Wai See 01:34.8
2000-02-12 INDUSTRIALIST K H Ting P C Kan Albert Hu Si Nok & Peter Wong Yau Ming 01:36.3
2001-02-18 CHARMING CITY S Dye D A Hayes Ling Chiu Shing 01:34.5
2002-02-14 Olympic Express W C Marwing I W Allan Larry Yung 01:34.9
2003-02-16 SELF FLIT W M Lai I W Allan Tony Cheung Tze Tung & Siu Pak Kwan 01:35.1
2004-02-15 TIBER D Whyte J Moore Anthony Cheung Hin Shun & Peter John Keller 01:34.4
2005-02-11 SCINTILLATION G Mosse C S Shum Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun 01:36.1
2006-02-05 SUNNY SING E Saint-Martin J Moore Matthew Wong Leung Pak 01:34.8
2007-01-28 FLORAL PEGASUS G Mosse A S Cruz Jacky Chan C M and Mr & Mrs Sammy Chan C Y 01:36.1
2008-01-20 HELENE MASCOT F Coetzee A S Cruz Wilson , Dawson , Jackson & Carmen Woo 01:34.3
2009-01-18 THUMBS UP C Soumillon C S Shum Leung Chung Shan 01:35.6
2010-01-24 BEAUTY FLASH C Soumillon A S Cruz Kwok Siu Ming 01:34.4
2011-01-23 LUCKY NINE Prebble C Fownes Dr Chang Fuk To & Maria Chang Lee Ming Shum 01:34.3
2012-01-25 SWEET ORANGE W C Marwing D Ferraris Tong Wang Chow 01:37.6
2013-01-20 GOLD-FUN D Whyte R Gibson Pan Sutong 01.34.27
2014-01-19 ABLE FRIEND J Moreira J Moore Dr & Mrs Cornel Li Fook Kwan 01.33.43
2015-01-18 BEAUTY ONLY N Callan A S Cruz Eleanor Kwok Law Kwai Chun & Patrick Kwok Ho Chuen 01.33.95
2016-01-24 SUN JEWELLERY R Moore J Size Tung Moon Fai 01.35.05
2017-01-22 RAPPER DRAGON J Moreira J Moore Albert Hung Chao Hong 01.34.98
2018-01-21 NOTHINGILIKEMORE J Moreira J Size Happy Corner Syndicate 01.34.24




Colts and Geldings – 126 lb


Fillies – 122lb



No freelance or apprentice jockey allowance may be claimed.





To be decided by a selection panel comprising the Executive Director, Racing and the Head of Handicapping and Race Planning.


The HKJC according to Hong Kong Derby Trial champion, second and third to have a priority over the race.


Then according to the horse‘s recent performance, international and Hong Kong Rating to decide the horse to race

(two weeks before the Derby, the HKJC decides starters and stand-by starters).





The Hong Kong Derby is the most prestigious race on the domestic racing calendar.


Most owners, trainers and jockeys view the Derby trophy as the most coveted prize of all.


There are 2 most important lead-up races to the BMW Hong Kong Derby, commencement with:


1980-12-06 The Classic Mile or The Hong Kong Derby Trial (Class 1).


1985-01-13 The Classic Cup or he Hong Kong Classic Trial (Class 1).


The former replaced The Hong Kong Derby Trial in 2001.


The latter was inaugurated in 1982, and revived in 2006.


Those first three finishers in those lead-up races have priority to run in the Derby.


All together they form the 4-Year-Old Series.





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Acknowledgment to HKJC Archives & Hong Kong Racing Museum for relevant content.





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