Chinese General Chamber Of Commerce Cup

Oldest among General Chambers; Newest among Special Champions





1900, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce was founded.


It is one of the oldest and largest chambers of commerce in Hong Kong.


Many Chamber members have horse-racing interests.


In order to mark their affiliation with the sport, the Chamber presented a Challenge Cup to the Hong Kong Jockey Club in 1991.






The Chinese General Chamber Of Commerce Cup has since been competed for annually.


Basically, they have been set as handicap or divided Handicap races.


The trophy events had 3 special occasions for commemorating:


2000-11-12 The Chinese General Chamber Of Commerce Centenary Cup


2010-10-10 The Chinese General Chamber Of Commerce 110th Anniversary Cup


2015-10-04 The Chinese General Chamber Of Commerce 115th Anniversary Cup






Date_Race No. Jockey R_ind Horse Brand Trainer R_Course Track Owner Dist. R_time
1990-11-07_3 T Ives 097 JACK’S PRIDE BG393 B Hutchison HV EQUI Jack Won 1400 1.24.70
1991-11-20_3 G Mosse 128 DRAWING AWAY BG337 P L Biancone HV EQUI Tony Lo Man 1400 1.23.30
1992-11-18_5 D Murphy 142 SPIRITUAL BH097 G Lane HV EQUI David C F Poon – Lau Hon Kwan 2000 2.03.70
1993-12-01_3 J Marshall 155 NERVOUS WITNESS BH195 J Moore HV EQUI A A Da Silva 1600 1.37.60
1994-11-23_4 D Gauci 144 PALETTE STAR BL098 N Begg HV EQUI Lau Tai Kwan 1600 1.39.00
1995-11-29_4 G Childs 158 SCHNITZER BH252 N Begg ST EQUI Winston Mak Ka Hing 1150 1.07.40
1996-12-11_4 L Cassidy 208 PERKYMAN BJ268 B Hutchison HV TURF Edmond Wong Hak Chuen 1800 1.51.90
1997-12-03_4 B Marcus 195 GAYLORD BM182 D Oughton HV TURF The Hon James Tien Pei Chun 1650 1.41.50
1998-12-05_4 M Kinane 208 JADE DYNASTY BS048 A S Cruz HV TURF Raymond Wu Kwok Yuen 1800 1.50.90
1999-11-24_4 K H Ting 179 FLORAL JOY T032 P C Kan HV TURF Chan Cheong Lee, Daniel Chan Cheong Lung & Sammy Chan Cheong Yuk 1650 1.40.30
2000-11-12_6 Y T Cheng 167 WASABI BP109 P F Yiu ST TURF Eddy Ho Kwong Chung 1200 1.10.30
2001-11-14_6 W Woods 167 ROUND THE WORLD A227 L Fownes ST TURF Lee Kai Lun 2000 2.04.30
2002-11-13_6 D Whyte 175 BY INSTINCT A052 P Chapple-Hyam ST AWT Li Wai Yin 1650 1.38.90
2003-11-12_7 D Whyte 180 KEY TO SUCCESS C116 J Moore ST AWT Mr & Mrs Wong Hon Yuen 1200 1.09.30
2004-12-01_6 G Schofield 217 LUCKY HANDS D159 D Oughton ST AWT Dr Lee Nim Wang 1800 1.49.80
2005-12-14_7 C Munce 248 EASY GAME C346 P O’Sullivan ST AWT James Lau Chi Wing & Lau Chor Fung 1650 1.39.80
2006-11-29_8 R Fradd 200 CONESTOGA E313 D Cruz HV TURF Michael Lam King Poy 1650 1.42.90
2007-11-28_6 B Prebble 202 BEAUTIFUL DREAMER H108 K L Man HV TURF Yu Chu Lam 1200 1.10.00
2008-12-03_6 H W Lai 205 TOWKAY FLYER J036 A Lee HV TURF QCOBA Racing Syndicate 1000 0.57.79
2009-09-20_6 D Whyte 024 LUCKY RED J059 T K Ng ST TURF Yvonne Chow Hau Yee 1000 0.56.58
2010-10-10_9 B Doyle 093 MR CELERITY L003 A T Millard ST TURF Tony Lau Hon Kwan, Dominic Lai, David Poon Cheung Fung & Alfred Ronald Li Kwok Lung 1200 1.09.91
2011-12-04_8 M Chadwick 219 ORIENTAL PROSPER N100 A T Millard ST TURF Lai Wai Yip 1000 0.56.91
2012-09-23_7 C K Tong 43 DANE PATROL L078 B K Ng ST TURF Alan Chan Yau Yuet & Chris Chan Cheong Hoi 1000 0.56.33
2013-12-01_8 B Prebble 208 HYPERSONIC P176 J Size ST AWT Bankee Kwan Pak Hoo 1200 1.08.61
2014-12-07_8 K Teetan 220 ABLE WARRIOR P265 J Moore ST AWT Dr & Mrs Cornel Li Fook Kwan 1200 1.09.34
2015-10-04_9 B Prebble 83 BIG FOUR P102 C W Chang ST TURF Lau Chi Kit, Tony Lee Hon Kin, Kevin Law Hau Wai & John Lo Wah Shing 1000 0.57.56
2016-10-16_7 N Rawiller 108 GREEN DISPATCH V184 C S Shum ST TURF Li Wing Hon 1000 1.47.40
2017-10-08_7 T Berry 097 SPICY KAKA V323 J Moore ST TURF Kathleen Shi Pui Ka 1650 1.40.31






Chairmen of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce have been used to present the Cup and a miniature to the winning Owner immediately after the race.






960 meters = 1/2 mile 170 yards, 1207 meters = 6 Furlong, 1609 meters = 1 mile, 1766 meters = 1 mile 171 yards, 2012 meters = 1-1/4mile, 2816 meters = 1-3/4 miles.






Chinese Club Challenge Cup – 《RacingMemories.HK》



Acknowledgment to HKJC Racing Registry for offering relevant records.





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