Chinese Club Challenge Cup


Local Participation


1890s, multi-national businessmen found their own commerce clubs accordingly, except the Chinese.


Tse Tsan-tai, a famous merchant , suggested to establish an organization for Chinese merchants.


Guan Jingliang, a classmate of Sun Yat-sen, gathered the founding members and raised a fund for the club.


Sir Robert Ho Tung, a good friend of Tse, was nominated as the leader to unite Chinese businessmen.


1897, the Chinese Club was founded and Sir Robert became the founding Chairman.



Domestic Tradition


1901 the members of the newly formed Chinese Club donated the first of a series of cups to HKJC.


1905-02-21, a Chinese Club Cup race was reported to run.


It was a mile race with 11 contenders, described by SCMP.


Rider Munford on a China pony MICK led from the start and won by a length.


Dividends were $114.10 for winner and $22.70 for place, per $5.


Hong Kong Weekly Press and China Overland Trade Report written that it was the first race having motor vehicle transport arranged for race-goers.


The trophy was also depicted as a silver cup of 10 inches high with 13 inches diameter, 107 ounce in weight.


Delicately produced, two dragons with 5 claws were casted with the big one playing a pearl and the small one on the base.




The silver cup was later owner by Mr. Blackden of Gerrardos Cross in England.


1984, Sir John Archer, CEO of HKJC, bought it back in a sum of ₤1,000.


His letter to Mr Simon K Y Lee, Chairman of the Chinese Club, mentioning about the repurchase.


1984-12-07, the cup was presented to HKJC again to celebrate its centenary and permanently displayed in its commemorate Room.





1906, Chinese Club Cup ceased to be continued.


1927-07-08, first printing and selling of of sweep tickets.


1929, One of the three big Sweeps, conducted by the Chinese Club.


1948, the Chinese Club Cup was added to the trophies and raced among one of the four days of Annual races.


1955, the Chinese Club ordered a specially designed gold cup from London and renamed the race “The Chinese Club Challenge Cup“.


1997-01-01 The Chinese Club Centenary Cup was raced. (section handicap).


The Chinese Club Challenge Cup trophy race has since been competed on New Year’s Day annually on turf in the distance from 1200, 1235 to 1400 meters.


Date R_no R_in. Horse Brand Owner Trainer Jockey Cou. Dist. R_time
1985-01-01 04 201 MYSTIC BA086 Robert J Lee Yu Sheng B K Ng Y P Chan HV 1235 1.13.70
1986-01-01 04 200 WINNING BRUNO AT149 Kuang-Piu Chao K H Au M C Tam HV 1235 1.13.20
1987-01-01 04 193 WILLIAMSBURG BB144 Ma Hay Yan H F Lam A S Cruz HV 1235 1.12.60
1988-01-01 04 187 BETTABOB AV050 R S Huthart J Moore B Compton HV 1235 1.13.30
1989-01-02 04 183 PRESTIGE BD110 Peggy Kwoh So Chi T P Wong P Waldron HV 1235 1.13.80
1990-01-01 06 192 NORTHERN TIDE BG311 Aloysius Chu Fee Loong J Moore N Barker HV 1235 1.14.00
1991-01-01 04 190 DASHING DRAGON BH184 Kowloon Tsai Home Owners Association Racing Syndicate P C Kan B Thomson HV 1235 1.13.10
1992-01-01 06 206 DRAWING AWAY BG337 Tony Lo Man P L Biancone A Munro HV 1235 1.13.00
1993-01-01 04 162 HELENE STAR BJ191 Mr & Mrs Woo Po Shing & Cheung Wai Hing P L Biancone G Mosse HV 1235 1.12.20
1994-01-01 04 216 NITROGEN BJ136 Yip Hong Wing L Fownes D Gauci ST 1200 1.10.30
1995-01-01 04 209 QUICK ACTION BL064 Elite Syndicate I W Allan B Marcus ST 1200 1.10.10
1996-01-01 04 208 SUPREME GOLIATH BN131 Wong Kwong S T Wong A Munro ST 1200 1.09.40
1997-01-01 04 240 LASER STAR BM236 Tse Cheung Lun P F Yiu K M So ST 1200 1.10.00
1998-01-01 04 243 BASIC INSTINCT BM020 Wu King Yuen T K Ng J Weaver ST 1200 1.09.60
1999-01-01 05 250 BEST OF THE BEST BS031 Alexander Lee Chun Hung T P Wong E Legrix ST 1200 1.09.60
2000-01-02 04 256 SCHUBERT BS299 Yip Hon Chuen D A Hayes Y T Cheng ST 1200 1.09.10
2001-01-01 09 283 KENWOOD MELODY V014 Samuel Wong Yin Shun L Fownes W Woods ST 1200 1.09.50
2002-01-01 09 274 OUR CLASS A086 Ricky Yeung Chiu Sing A S Cruz S King ST 1200 1.09.40
2003-01-01 08 293 GRAND DELIGHT B355 Peter Law Kin Sang J Size S Dye ST 1200 1.09.30
2004-01-01 09 299 HIDDEN DRAGON B231 Fraternity Syndicate A S Cruz F Coetzee ST 1400 1.21.90
2005-01-01 09 290 HIGH INTELLIGENT D317 High Intelligent Group Syndicate J Size S Dye ST 1400 1.21.90
2006-01-01 07 284 SCINTILLATION C228 Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun C S Shum G Mosse ST 1400 1.21.40
2007-01-01 08 281 FLORAL PEGASUS G011 Jacky Chan Cheung Ming and Mr & Mrs Sammy Chan Cheong Yuk A S Cruz G Mosse ST 1400 1.20.60
2008-01-01 10 288 POCKET MONEY E253 Allan Fung Yu Hing, William Lo Wing Yan, Wong Wai Kan & Stephen Chau J Size F Coetzee ST 1400 1.21.70
2009-01-01 10 273 JOY AND FUN H014 Mr & Mrs Johnny Wong Chun Nam D Cruz W C Marwing ST 1400 1.21.04
2010-01-01 09 283 EGYPTIAN RA E002 Cheng Keung Fai A S Cruz M Chadwick ST 1400 1.21.67
2011-01-01 10 294 LITTLE BRIDGE L285 Ko Kam Piu C S Shum Z Purton ST 1400 1.21.98
2012-01-01 10 286 AASHIQ K175 Indian Horse Lovers Syndicate P O’Sullivan J Lloyd ST 1400 1.21.99
2013-01-01 10 286 HELENE SPIRIT M310 Sir Po-shing & Lady Woo, Wilson Woo Ka Wah & Jackson Woo Ka Biu C Fownes Z Purton ST 1400 1.21.98
2014-01-01 8 225 STERLING CITY N152 Ling Chiu Shing & Gary Ling Kay Wai J Moore D Whyte ST 1400 1.22.26
2015-01-01 9 280 REWARDING HERO N376 Lee Fung Tai J Moore N Callan ST 1400 1.20.99
2016-01-01 9 299 MULTIVICTORY P254 Ronald Cheung Joo Cheong A S Cruz Y T Cheng ST 1400 1.21.25
2017-01-01 8 304 BLIZZARD S398 Infinitude Syndicate P F Yiu J Moreira ST 1400 1.21.22
2018-01-01 10 317 FIFTY FIFTY A287 Lee Wan Keung & Lee Wong Wai Kuen L Ho K Teetan ST 1400 1.21.10





1994 and onwards, Chinese Club Cup races have been run at Sha Tin.


5 times winning trainer: A S Cruz.


3 times winning jockey: G Mosse





Horse racing has always been one of the favorite activities for Chinese Club members.


1976 onwards, a special group has been formed to manage Chinese Club Racing Syndicate.


Shortly, a 3-y-o gray gelding of 15.3 hands as subscription griffin from Australia WAH SHEUNG was firstly owned.


Its name, meaning of an “Excellent Horse” was selected due to the similar Cantonese sounding of “Chinese Merchants”.





Chinese Club Official Website


Chinese Club Challenge Cup – Chinese Wikipedia



Acknowledgement to HKJC Racing Registry for offering record data.





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