Chief Executive’s Cup

Chief Executive’s Cup


Races Has Been Continued


HKSAR Chief Executive’s Cup, usually the media referred to as the CEO Cup.


After the handover, it has replaced the British colonial era of the original Governor Cup.


CEO Cup has superseded the original Guangdong Handicap Cup.


It has also been held as the first trophy race of the racing Season.


The Cup has been presented by the Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive or senior officials thereafter.




The Cup Has Been Presented


Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Cup became the highlight of every Season Opening Fixtures.


Except the inaugural event held in Happy Valley, all were run at Sha Tin Racecourse so far.


The setting of the distance are usually 1200 meters for Class 1.


They are Hong Kong horses rated 80+ to 120.





1997-09-06 KOWLOON PRIDE 5 80+ P Payne D Hill Kowloon Club Horse Racing Syn 01:09.7
1998-09-06 SOLID CONTACT 4 80+ G Boss D Cruz Mydin Bin Hassan 01:10.1
1999-09-05 KINGSTON TREASURE 4 80+ R Fradd T K Ng Kingston Town Synd 01:09.4
2000-09-03 BILLION WIN 6 80+ D Whyte T K Ng C K Hui 01:09.4
2001-09-02 CLIFFHANGER 5 84+ W Marwing I Allan Frances Yung Ming Fong 01:09.9
2002-09-01 SMART WINNER 5 86+ G Schofield D Cruz Super Hero Syndicate 01:09.3
2003-08-31 CHEERFUL FORTUNE 4 115-90 C Williams T W Leung William Sze Loong Yau 01:09.9
2004-09-05 THE DUKE 5 120-95 P Payne C Fownes Eddie Junior Yau 01:09.6
2005-09-04 ABLE PRINCE 5 120-95 M Rodd J Moore Dr & Mrs Cornel Li Fook Kwan 01:08.6
2006-09-10 TOWN OF FIONN 6 120-95 R Fradd C S Shum Yeung Kwong Fat 01:08.6
2007-09-09 SUNNY POWER 4 120-95 Y T Cheng K W Lui Pong Yuen Man 01:08.6
2008-09-15 ENTHUSED 5 120-95 D Whyte J Size Mr & Mrs Ben Wong Chung Mat 01:09.9
2009-09-13 NIGHTLIGN 5 120-95 J Lloyd D Lee Lo Chuen Hang 01:08.8
2010-09-05 LUCKY NINE 3 120-95 B Prebble C Fownes Dr and Mrs Chang Fuk To 01:09.0
2011-09-11 JOY AND FUN 9 120-95 B Doyle D Cruz Mr & Mrs Johnny Wong 01:09.5
2012-09-08 SUPREME WIN 6 95+ Z Purton K L Man Rich Gold Syndicate 01:09.0
2013-09-08 CERISE CHERRY 8 116-110 Z Purton D Cruz James Lau Po Man & Alice Woo Wai See 1.08.48
2014-09-14 GOLDEN HARVEST 6 116-110 J Moreira A T Millard Wong Kwok Keung 1.08.37
2015-09-06 I’M IN CHARGE 6 90+ M Chadwick C Fownes Henri Lui Cheuk Hang 1.08.76
2016-09-03 LUCKY YEAR 3 90+ J Moreira C S Shum Cheung Pui Chu 1.08.19
2017-09-03 SEASONS BLOOM 3 107 J Moreira C S Shum Paul Lo Chung Wai & Kathy Lo Ho Hsiu Lan 1.08.32






The Most Winning Jockeys: twice by R Fradd, P Payne, D Whyte, Z Purton


1997-09-06, it was a Saturday evening race due to the schedule of Chief Executive, Mr Tung Chee-hwa.






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