CHEUNG, Oswald Victor (1922-2003)

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  1. aheadq says:


  2. aheadq says:

    RIVER SEREIN is a younger sister of RIVER VERDON

  3. hoof hoof says:


  4. hoof hoof says:

    Chairman of the RHKJC automatically becomes an honorary member of the Jockey Club in England, an honor bestowed in P G Wiilliams’s time.

  5. e70536 says:

    張奧偉身為英皇御准香港賽馬會主席, 在任內自動成為英國賽馬會的名譽會員

  6. e70536 says:

    Sir Oswald‘s Senior Unofficial Member of the Legislative Council Council was preceded by Chung Sze Yuen and succeeded by Harry Fang, a HKJC Steward.

  7. neckmain says:


  8. neckmain says:

    Mr. Cheung well recalls the fateful captive Christmas of 1941 – the bombing of Morrison Hill Road, the news of the fall of Kowloon, and the gradual take-over of the colony by Japanese soldiers.

    • iankleyou says:

      His decision on what to do was soon made and the family set off for Macao and then onto China and to what was then the French Concession at Fort Bayard.

  9. iankleyou says:

    其後雖任董事, 張奧偉也要三季才中簽獲得自選購權。

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