Chan Yuk-lun Allan



Up Bit from Top Gun



The Mascot of Hong Kong Racing


1925-10-24, Chan Yuk Lun Allan was born in Hong Kong,


His father was a English teacher of the Diocesan Boys School.


1936, educated at Robinson Road Wah Yan College.


1941, qualified as War-time Interpreter of The Infantry Training Center and Field Artillery Training Center in Sháoguān, China.


1943, moved to Guìylin, Kūnmíng, enlisted in Air Force.


1944, learning to fly in India, then Texas and Alabama, USA.


1945, as Distinguished Air Cadet operating fighters such as Mustang P-51.


1947, as a 22 year old war veteran from NanJing 5th Regiment. After The Battle of Xu-Bang, returned to Hong Kong and worked for Harry Wicking, an old import-export firm and a subsidiary of Jardines.






1948, took 80 hours in Shouson Hill Riding School and graduated by 10 winners from Novice Rider to Amateur jockey.


1954, first victory on ARMAMENT trained by Lam Wai-leung.


He had first hand experiences of Samarcq, Ho W H and witnessed Neel‘s fatal accidents.


He worked mainly under the stable of Russian trainer Kransnoperov.


LOGIC was his favorite horse.


1973 retired from racing jockey and resigned from the import-export firm, changed to horse training.






1974, practiced stable management from Maxwell and Major Peter Nelson at Lambourne, UK.


1975, Chan Yuk-lun Allan studied 6 months in Sydney under Tommy Smith and in Melbourne under Bart Cummings.


Then, he returned to Hong Kong and became the Assistant Trainer for J H Goswell.

1976, licensed as RHKJC Trainer, began with 13 horses.


1976-03-27, TASTY DISH was his first stable winner.


1977 season, his newly formed stable only got 5 wins.


1978, his stable started with 26 but ended up with 54 horses.


1978 JAN & FEB, teamed with French Jockey Philippe Paquet, who won over a dozen races for him. Their partnership bonded by very modest personality and having strong will to win.


1979-01-14, inaugural Hong Kong Gold Cup won by Allan CHAN Yuk Lun Stable jockey Pat Eddery on OBSERVATORY.


1979, June, with Philippe’s help, he broke the succession of 11 wins George Moore‘s dominance and won the title of Champion Trainer, with winning tally to 62 and stakes to a record breaking HK$2,453,048.50.


1990, retired as RHKJC Trainer, but started his stable in Macau.


1995, retired from his Stable and leaving Macau with George Moore.



His Memorable Jockeys are:


Philippe Paquet, Pat Eddery, K S Ho, T O Lau, John Y S Wong and S M Yung.



His signature horses are:
















His splendid achievement was built from a combination of diligence, industry, a genuine love and concern for horses, with his warm personal charm.


His harmonious relations with jockeys, mafoos, owners or even the punters have been due to his sincerity, integrity and straight-forwardness.


2011, he still has out-door exercise, playing basketball, table tennis impressively than lots of youngsters.






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