1. iankleyou says:


  2. iankleyou says:

    2011/12屆冠軍練馬師, 蔡約翰 拋離第二名17w

  3. iankleyou says:

    John Moore is the first trainer ever to send out 1,000 winners in Hong Kong

  4. iankleyou says:

    Last year John Moore won four of the last six races of the season, finally defeating Tony Cruz.

  5. aheadq says:

    Size matter, he strikes regularly at Shatin but sneaks a few through at Happy Valley.

  6. aheadq says:


  7. myhorse says:

    Yip, a Hong Kong hero follows in footsteps of mentor Brian Kan as he wins a titanic battle in stunning climax to the season!

  8. myhorse says:

    葉楚航封冠當晚, 最珍貴的鏡頭, 不是高舉獎杯的一刻, 而是和簡 Sir 合照分享成就歡欣那片刻的光影

  9. neckmain says:

    Yip struck a blow for the locals and said he felt a real affinity with the racegoers. “I feel they support me, that I am their champion,” he said.

  10. open2us says:

    葉楚航於 2002 年開倉, 至今不過十年左右光景。

  11. open2us says:

    Yip started the 2012-2013 season as a massive underdog, always on the fringes of the “big four” stables of Cruz, John Size, John Moore and Caspar Fownes.

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