Burkill, Charles ‘Chuck’ Reginald Goodwin

Rider of 5 Hongkong Derby winners, 4 in a roll





The Burkills of Albert Robson, Albert ‘Bertie’ William, Charles ‘Chuck’ Reginald Goodwin, was one of the most prominent families by brothers or father and son team-mates in China races.
According to Governor Henry May 《Notes on Pony and Horse Racing in Hong Kong 1845-1887》page 38:
『There remain to be mentioned the brothers Burkill, whose fame resounds throughout the Far East』.


Bertie‘, later in the Shanghai Race Club, promoted to be the Chairman of the Stewards, he was the elder brother of ‘Chuck’.
Both of them in their day were top jockeys, as had been their father before them.


1874-07-29, the younger brother, Charles ‘Chuck’ Reginald Goodwin, was also born in Shanghai.


1891-12-25, Burkill brothers’ birthdays and Upper School place were published on the list of the 1553 founded King Edward Sixth’s School.


‘Chuck’ out-performed ‘Bertie’ academically in scholarship then, physically in horsemanship later.
Anyway, both of them were outstanding.






1904, according to Governor Henry May 《Notes on Pony and Horse Racing in Hong Kong 1845-1887》page 38, (published in 1919):
According to Governor Henry May 《Notes on Pony and Horse Racing in Hong Kong 1845-1887》(published in 1909), page 38:
『It was not till last year that we saw the redoubtable “ Chuck ” Burkill at work in silk.

He, like his brother and the other Shanghai men mentioned above, rides with the long stirrup of what may be called the Meyerink school.

It is claimed, I believe, that with this seat more work can be done on the China pony which, as is well known, needs a great deal of riding.

However that may be, there is no gainsaying the fact that our Shanghai friends are hard to beat at anything and especially at riding China ponies, and that this particular rider is the hardest to vanquish of all.

I saw Mr. ‘Chuck’ Burkill win nine races last Hongkong meeting.

Of these I calculate that he stole two, if not three.

I have never seen a man sit quieter on his mount, or ride with nicer judgment.

When I add that he has a great knowledge of pace, is very strong in the saddle, and can get to the bottom of the most unwilling mount, the reader will understand that he is indeed a “rum ‘un to follow and a bad a ‘un to beat’.』


1904-05-03, in the Spring Race Meeting at Shanghai, the riding honours were as usual with the Messrs Burkill.
Mr C R Burkill brought home no fewer than four winners and Mr A W Burkill three.


1908-05-01, the marriage of ‘Chuck’ Burkill and Marjorie Fearson took place in London.


1909-02-19, according to《Hong Kong Daily Press》, C R Burkill scored nine wins during the Annual Race Meeting.


1909-04-29, ‘Chuck’ Burkill had an accident while schooling the pony for Buxey (Mody) in Shanghai,《China Mail》


‘Chuck’ Burkill won 4-year in a roll, totally 5 Hongkong Derby, 3 for Mr Buxey, 2 for Sir Paul:
Burkill, Charles Reginald won 4 Derby in a roll, totally 5 HK Derby, 3 for Mr Buxey (Mody), 2 for Sir Paul.
1909-02-17 Burkill C, LITTLE GEM ROSE Not Applicable The 37th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey.
1910-02-16 Burkill C, ROYAL ROSE Not Applicable The 38th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey.
1911-02-15 Burkill C, CORONATION ROSE Not Applicable The 39th Derby 1-1/2 miles Buxey.
1912-02-22 Burkill C, WHITE HAWTHORN Not Applicable The 40th Derby 1-1/2 miles Sir Paul.
1916-02-22 Burkill C, WINSOME DAHLIA Not Applicable The 44th Derby 1-1/2 miles Sir Paul.


Up to about 1920, he rode regularly at race meetings at Happy Valley.


1925-04-30, the China Mail mentioned that ‘Chuck’ returning to Shanghai from England who had not ridden whilst at home except for hunting in the company of Archie David.
The latter owned the KNIGHTS stable (1912) as Mr Gilpin, and rode as Mr Knoll.


1935-04-12, retired jockeyowner Johnny Heard considered that ‘Chuck’ Burkill the second-best rider he had seen.





1950-02-24, Burkill, Charles ‘Chuck’ Reginald Goodwin passed away at the age of 75.
The death occurred on Friday at Waltham St. Lawrence, Berkshire, England.
He was a director of A R Burkill and Sons Ltd., Marina House.
He was for, many years a well-known resident of Shanghai.
He was survived by his wife, Mrs Marjorie Burkill, and elder brother ‘Bertie‘ who was a London director of the firm.





960 meters = 1/2 mile 170 yards; 1207 meters = 6 Furlong; 1609 meters = 1 mile; 1766 meters = 1 mile 171 yards; 2012 meters = 1-1/4miles; 2816 meters = 1-3/4 miles.






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Acknowledgment to Mr Lacuda Mengnah; Mr K H; HKJC Archives; Hong Kong Racing Museum for relevant content.





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