Bauhinia Sprint Trophy

Bauhinia Sprint Trophy


Red Flowers Of Our Dears


2000-01-15, The Bauhinia Sprint Trophy has been programmed to replace the Happy Valley Trophy as the first Leg of Sprint Series.




Dashing For Many Years






DISTANCE: 1000 Meter




RATING: 090+


AGE: 3 year olds and upwards



the owner, trainer and jockey of the winning horse each receiving a silver-gilt dish.





Date Horse origin Owner Trainer Jockey Gp Time
2000-01-15 HOLY GRAIL NZ Mr & Mrs Michael C Kwee I W Allan D Harrison 3 0.56.50
2001-01-26 FAIRY KING PRAWN AUS Mr & Mrs Lau Sak Hong I W Allan R Fradd 1 0.57.50
2002-02-14 CHARMING CITY AUS Ling Chiu Shing D A Hayes B Marcus 1 0.56.70
2003-02-03 GRAND DELIGHT AUS Peter Law Kin Sang J Size S Dye 1 0.56.30
2004-02-01 SILENT WITNESS AUS Mr & Mrs Arthur Antonio da Silva A S Cruz F Coetzee 1 0.56.50
2005-01-23 SILENT WITNESS AUS Mr & Mrs Arthur Antonio da Silva A S Cruz F Coetzee 1 0.55.30
2006-01-22 BILLET EXPRESS AUS David Pong Chun Yee J Moore H W Lai 0.56.60
2007-01-07 SCINTILLATION AUS Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun C S Shum E Saint-Martin 3 0.56.40
2008-01-06 ABLE PRINCE AUS Dr & Mrs Cornel Li Fook Kwan J Moore D Beadman 3 0.56.00
2009-01-10 KILDARE NZ 07/08 Derek Cruz Trainer Synd. D Cruz Y T Cheng 3 0.56.80
2010-01-10 CRAIG’S DRAGON AUS Craigengower Cricket Club Synd. J Moore W Pike 3 0.56.61
2011-04-09 SWEET SANETTE SAF Chow Hong & Wu Po Kung A T Millard G Cheyne 3 0.55.92
2012-04-01 LITTLE BRIDGE NZ Ko Kam Piu C S Shum Z Purton 3 0.55.98
2013-04-01 GO BABY GO AUS Peter Lam Kin Ngok & Stephen Ip Shu Kwan C H Yip T Angland 3 0.56.19
2014-04-06 DIVINE TEN AUS Wong Kwong Miu Y S Tsui D Whyte 3 0.56.27
2015-04-15 RAD AUS Elizabeth Lee Ho Ling D J Hall D Whyte 3 0.55.78
2016-01-01_8 NOT LISTENIN’TOME AUS Matthew Wong Leung Pak J Moore Z Purton 3 0.56.28
2017-01-08_3 AMAZING KIDS NZ Ricky Tsoi Kee Kwong J Size J Moreira 3 0.56.90
2018-01-07_7 PREMIERE NZ DTFU Principal Syndicate J Size K Teetan 3 0.56.95
2019-01-06_3 JOLLY BANNER AUS Mr & Mrs Kenny Cheng Tsin Ki P F Yiu M F Poon 3 0.56.63





The trophy races has produced 3 Horses of the Year.





Most Winning Jockey: F Coetzee, D Whyte


Most Winning Owner: Arthur Antonio da Silva & Betty da Silva, twice, 2004, 2005


Most Winning Trainer: John Moore, 4 times, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2016






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