Auchnie, John Allan MRCVS

The Veterinary Surgeon and Veteran Jockey


Auchnie, John Allan, MRCVS was the HKJC amateur jockey, Veterinary Surgeon & Official Measurer, Manager of the Club’s Stables, and later as consultant to the Stipendiary Stewards.




1934, Major Frank Hogg, MRCVS was the first of the Vets appointed by the Club.

1947, on his retirement after the War he was succeeded in by Major R. H. Robertson, O.B.E., MRCVS.

1949, Allan Auchnie arrived in Hong Kong.

He was the assistant to the then Veterinary Surgeon and Stables Manager, Major R. H. Robertson.

He moved to a flat in the Club premises in Shan Kwong Road.

1962, Robertson retired when Mr Auchnie took over.





Allan Auchnie was one of the first who appeared just after the war who were in private Veterinary practice.

According to an article by Dr. Barry Bousfield, Mr Auchnie always did both Jockey Club and private work and even rode.

There was a vague memory of seeing a photograph of Auchnie as a jockey on a winning horse in the early 50’s.


1950-11-13_1, a protest lodged by J A Auchnie riding STRATHPEFFER was disallowed in the Novice event of the 11th Race Meeting.


1953-1954, Auchnie, J. A. weighing 135 lbs, was ranked 39 among the 47 on a list of Performances of Jockeys.


Dr Auchnie also owned the quarantine kennels in Pokfulam, the only license given out by the government to a private veterinarian.






1962-1963 racing season, a list of HKJC management and administration was found:

Officials:— Veterinary Surgeon & Official Measurer, Mr J. Allan Auchnie, M.R.C.V.S.

He was also Manager of the Club’s Stables.


1968 August, the former Director of Racing, Mr Philip Johnston joined the RHKJC, being the assistant to the Stables Manager and Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Alan Auchnie.


1978-01-16, Dr Auchnie and General Penfold were worrying about the conditions of horses trapped inside Shan Kwong Road stables under the Mafoo strike.


1982, Dr. J.A. Auchnie was one of the HKVA founding members of The Hong Kong Veterinary Association Limited.


1984-10-21, Dr J. Allan Auchnie, President Hongkong Veterinary Association wrote about the issue of vet ethics.


1989, Dr Auchnie was also the chairman of the HK Kennel Club.


Dr Auchnie retired and went back to England at which time he was reported to be the richest veterinarian in the world, according to an Article contributed by Dr. Phillip Mak.


2011, Allan and June Auchnie were among the supporters of a fundraising campaign for the The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, The University of Edinburgh.





Dr Auchnie enjoyed had a happy retirement with his family and grandchildren.


Former officials of the Jockey Club shared the sad news back to Hong Kong about a familiar figures of racing and a veterinary pioneer.


2016-02-07, Dr Auchnie‘s obituary in the newspaper 《The Times》 reads:-

Auchnie, John Allan, MRCVS, aged 89 years, died 1st February 2016 in Douglas, Isle of Man. Formerly of Hong Kong. Dearly loved husband of June, beloved father of Ailsa and loving grand-father of June and Elizabeth. Will be sadly missed. The funeral service will be held at 10.45 am on Friday 19th February 2016 at Douglas Borough Crematorium. Further enquiries to Corkhill & Callow, 4 Christian Street, Ramsey, Isle of Man. Tel: 01624 813114.





1967,there were two private clinics of Dr Auchnie at 10 B Victory Avenue in MongKok, Kowloon and 23 B WongNeiChung Road, Happy Valley in Hong Kong.






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Acknowledgment to Mr Robert Sanders and Ms Mary Fung for relevant information.





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