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1984-1985 racing season onwards, ATV Cup races have been sponsored for top class horses.





1985-04-27 inaugural ATV Cup was sponsored by Mr Chiu Te Ken, Deacon.


From 1988 to mid 1990, ATV Cup races were remarkably held by former Chairman Lim Poh-yan with renowned entertainers.
Live broadcastings of betting tips and selections by Tung Biu , the horse racing commentator, that became sensational talks of the town.


1998 to 2001, ATV Cup races were ceased to be sponsored due to the racing broadcastings rights were shifted to TVB.


2005-05-21 race 7 won by FIGURES C307, Financial Investors Group Syndicate, D Oughton D Whyte 1200 meter was sponsored as The ATV Sha Tin Vase (handicap).


2009-05-24 race 8 ATV Cup race was run in bad weather.
Two races afterward were canceled due to the thunderstorms.


2012-05-19 ATV Cup race was the first event to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the sponsoring corporation.
ATV Cup was the highlighted feature attended by senior administrators and prominent artists.





Date # Jockey Horse Trainer Brand Owner Dist
1985-04-27 04 P H Chan BEST FORTUNE H M Cheung AT125 Mrs Tang Chan Shui Koen 1400
1986-04-26 04 P Leyshan ALL EARS L Fownes BA090 Mr & Mrs Patrick Y Au Yeung 1600
1987-03-01 04 R Vance TOP GRADE K C Lo BB133 Cheng Yu Tung 1600
1988-03-06 04 B Compton GOLD APPLE J Moore BC010 Quo-Wei Lee 1400
1989-03-19 04 P Waldron PRESTIGE T P Wong BD110 Peggy Kwoh So Chi 1400
1990-03-25 04 N Tiley GOLD APPLE J Moore BC010 Quo-Wei Lee 1400
1991-03-30 05 B Thomson SOUND PRINT P C Kan BH218 Edmund Tam Wing Fan 1400
1992-03-28 04 D Brereton ENDEAVOUR G Lane BH091 Sir Gordon & Lady Macwhinnie 1400
1993-03-21 05 G Childs SABOATAN T P Cheung BJ187 Mr & Mrs Yem Ming 1400
1994-03-13 04 F Coetzee RIGHT WAY P C Kan BJ249 Samuel Ping Wai Wong 1400
1995-03-11 04 G Childs OPTIC EMPIRE T P Cheung BJ151 Ma Bo Kee 1400
1996-03-10 04 W L Ho MAKARPURA STAR J Moore BM016 Frank Wong Wing Pak 1400
1997-03-16 04 H K Yim INDIGENOUS S L Leung BP103 Pang Yuen Hing 1600
2002-03-02 09 F Coetzee RED SUN A S Cruz A046 Choi Chee Ming 1600
2003-03-01 09 Y T Cheng NORTHERN GOLD BALL K C Lo V008 Mr & Mrs Chiu Wan Kee 1600
2004-05-16 08 G Schofield TOWN OF FIONN C S Shum D106 Yeung Kwong Fat 1400
2005-05-21 07 D Whyte FIGURE D Oughton C307 Financial Investors Group Synd. 1200
2006-05-13 08 C Munce BUMPER BUMPER J Size D025 Mr & Mrs Woo Koo Ping 1600
2007-05-20 08 B Prebble ROYAL PRINCE A S Cruz H072 Rusy M Shroff & Purviz R Shroff 1600
2008-05-18 09 G Boss JOY AND FUN D Cruz H014 Mr & Mrs Johnny Wong Chun Nam 1600
2009-05-24 08 B Prebble HAWKES BAY D J Hall G064 Daryl Ng Win Kong 1600
2010-05-23 08 J Lloyd YUMMY SPIRITS J Moore K179 Julian Hui Chun Hang 1600
2011-05-21 07 O Doleuze SIGHT WINNER J Size J049 Mr & Mrs Tam Wing Kun 1600
2012-05-19 08 B Prebble FAMILISTS D J Hall M102 Siu Pak Kwan 1600
2013-05-18 07 M L Yeung PENGLAI XIANZI A S Cruz K248 Benson Lee 1600
2014-05-17 08 T Berry REWARDING HERO J Moore N376 Lee Fung Tai 1600






All ATV Cup races have been run on Turf at Sha Tin Racecourse.
The distance have been either 1400 or 1600.





TOP GRADE, INDIGENOUS, SOUND PRINT, MAKARPURA STAR were super class winners of previous ATV Cup races.





2004-05-05 ATV Cup Race Day 2004″ Press Conference
2005-05-21 Photo Release – ATV Race Day
2006-05-13 Photo Release – ATV Race Day
2007-05-20 Photo Release – ATV Race Day
2008-05-18 Photo Release – ATV Race Day
2009-05-24 Photo Release – ATV Race Day
2010-05-23 Photo Release – ATV Race Day
2011-05-21 Photo Release – ATV Race Day
2012-05-19 Photo Release – ATV Race Day
2013-05-18 Photo Release – ATV Race Day
2014-05-17 Photo Release – ATV Race Day



Acknowledgement to HKJC Racing Registry for offering record data.





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