Annual Race Meeting 1967-02-18


Clamix Fixture in the racing season


Race-goers were more packed together in those era.



To See And To Be Seen


The Entry Fee were more expensive than nowadays, comparatively!


Happy Valley has not been so crowded in recent years.






Kenneth Kwok stole the show with brilliant victories during the Annual Race Meeting:


Race 1 was a Jockey Cup for novice riders, hot favorite STRONG COURAGE ridden by F W Deng and KING SOLOMON ridden by K Y Ho were unplaced. SANS CRAINTE ridden by C H Leung got its maiden victory after six years since 1961, won with high dividend. A trophy was presented by Mrs Douglas Liang.


Race 3 ran by Sub. Griffins had GOLDEN EAGLE be withdrawn after kicking and hurt its hoof inside the gate. All its betting were refunded.


Race 6, HIGH TIDE ridden by Kenneth Kwok defeated GOLDEN VISTA ridden by T C Cheng by a powerful thrust and scored the Lusitano Cup.


Race 8, PEGASUS ridden by Kenneth Kwok defeated WONG CHOY ridden by Howe and scored the Chinese Club Cup. Kwok repeated his ceremony twice with winner total of 11 which was as the top as T C Cheng.






T C Cheng returned for 6 races after his suspension, he scored one win, three seconds and two thirds.



The Carnival had 10 races held with smooth success. The odds were evenly distributed by hot and cold dividends.

Kenneth Kwok scored 2 trophies.






1918-02-26 Annual Race Meeting, the Fire of Happy Valley Racecourse Broke Out:

The Fire produced one of worst disasters and highest number of casualties in Hong Kong history.


An enormous and historic fire killed 614 or more as scripts engraved in the Chinese tomb Tablet.


At a few minutes to three o’clock, just after the third bell had rung for the first race after Tiffin, the whole row of Chinese booth and mat-sheds, except one on the extreme north, collapsed, and awful confusion ensured.


The stands fell gradually, as if the tops of all the stands had been connected by a wire hawser and that this had been pulled over gradually.


The stands and booths took about 10 seconds to collapse. It is unclear how the fire began, but it quickly spread and the structure was an entire loss.



1938-02-24 LIBERTY BAY Is Beaten For First Time In Career of 26 successive wins:


SILKYLIGHT the winner of the 1938 Derby, won in the Champion Stakes, by a length, to record the coveted “Double”–the Derby and the Champion Stakes.


It caused the biggest racing sensation in Hong Kong racing history by beating the hitherto “unbeatable” LIBERTY BAY.





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ACKNOWLEDGMENT: this article is based on sources provided by Mr Woody Leung.




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