American Club Cup


Unique Challenge


1925-07-06, American Club was established and located in Rutton House on Duddell Street.


American Club Cup was raced before World War II but stopped from 1938 to 1961.


It was held to celebrate the accomplishment of the American Club members in Hong Kong.



Single Victor


Once, American Club Cup winner could find no opposition and was a one-horse victor.


It was, and still is, the only time when a trophy run has been competed by a field of one in Hong Kong racing history.


1930s, crimson jacket and yellow cap color representing a legendary tycoon owner, Eu Tong Sen.


1937, his griffin CAMERONIAN was imported but never raced in the first year.


1938, therefore qualified to run as a “griffin” (an Anglo-Indian racing term referring to any imported horse in its initial campaign season)


1938-02-21 Monday, the second day of Annual Race Meeting, CAMERONIAN had won the Lusitano Cup hands down.


Then its connections revealed interest to start again in the American Club Cup the following day.


In that era of racing, declarations were closed just half an hour prior to the start of any race.


Usually horses were entered in three or four events in a day, and decisions to run them in which races were often made very close to post time.


Owners and trainers of most entries decided to shun the event and opted for other races on the card, resulting in only one acceptor when the declaration box was opened.


1938-02-22 Tuesday race 7, American Club Cup was featured on the third day of the five-day Annual Race Meeting.


Charlie Encarnacao the popular gentleman rider was destined to score 4 winners,


one of the Eu-Encarnacao winning quintet was registered on a one-horse “walkover”.


In the American Club Cup he was the only starter.


So Encarnacao and CAMERONIAN officially won the race by a ritual walk past the post.


Obviously with all betting closed on such an one-runner “race’.


The episode may seem interesting to others, but members of the then American Club most definitely felt slighted,


it came as no surprise when the trophy was withdrawn from the next year on.


After one World War and nearly a quarter of a century’s lapse in time span before the sentiment was over,


1961, the legendary race was restored and reappeared as American Club Challenge Cup thereafter.





Race Date Hor.No. Horse Name Jockey Trainer Owner Loca. Dist. R.Time
1979-10-06 AM033 SENSATION G W Moore Moore G. Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun HV 0975 0.57.80
1980-10-04 AN069 MICHAEL HARDEY A S Cruz Metrevelli N. John Jorrocks ST 1200 1.12.20
1981-10-03 AM158 ROCKAWAY T O Lau Chan A. Loh Chou Sung HV 1235 1.16.30
1982-10-09 AM144 WONDERFUL W T Leung Cheung H.M. Chong Lap Fu ST 1200 1.11.70
1983-10-08 AT128 SHI SHAN C M Cheng Cheng T.C. Don Wing Liang HV 1650 1.40.10
1984-10-06 AS067 CAPITA P H Chan Kent D. Chu Poon Shin HV 1800 1.56.00
1985-10-12 BA066 CHAMPION JOKER B Raymond Kan P.C. Wong Kwoon Chung & Partners HV 1650 1.41.70
1986-10-18 BA041 TOP HARVEST K L Tsui Chan A. Luk Hing Too HV 1575 1.41.20
1987-10-10 BA026 CELESTIAL STAR A Murray Oughton D. Chinese Recreation Club Syndicate HV 0975 0.56.30
1988-10-09 BD028 SUPER BINGO W Woods Fownes L. J N Harilela ST 1200 1.11.10
1989-10-07 BD095 DIAMOND HEAD N Barker Moore J. J W Stewart HV 1650 1.42.30
1990-10-07 BE040 REAL FORTUNE T Ives Wong T.P. Sun Kai Ming ST 1000 0.58.40
1992-10-03 BG389 TARNSIDE TURBO K L Tsui Kam K.T. Tony S K Wong & Steve Yu Siu Lung HV 1800 1.49.90
1993-10-03 BK205 SURE WIN KING R Romero Ng T.K. Thomas Chan Hung Mau ST 1400 1.22.70
1994-10-02 BK055 NEW LEAF A S Cruz Cruz D. Chao An Chung & William Chao Hang Man ST 1900 1.58.40
1995-10-01 BM164 WINNING SPIRIT B Marcus Allan I.W. Hsu Lap Foo & Dr Michael Mok Hing Hung ST 1200 1.09.80
1996-09-28 BL186 SUGARLOAF K M Chin Moore J. Elsa Wong Yuen Mee ST 1400 1.23.50
1997-09-27 BJ273 NOBLE DANCER W Woods Fownes L. Andrew Ko, Tse Sem Wo & Nissim Tse ST 1400 1.22.70
1998-10-04 BJ161 NORTHERN FIRE BALL D Whyte Wong T.P. Mr & Mrs Chiu Wan Kee ST 1900 1.57.70
1999-10-03 BP109 WASABI K H Yu Yiu P.F. Eddy Ho Kwong Chung HV 1650 1.41.60
2000-09-23 T182 CHARMING CITY Y T Cheng Hayes D.A. Ling Chiu Shing ST 1000 0.55.80
2001-09-22 A086 OUR CLASS F Coetzee Cruz A.S. Ricky Yeung Chiu Sing ST 1000 0.56.60
2002-09-04 B282 THE DUKE W C Marwing Fownes L. Eddie Junior Yau HV 1200 1.10.00
2003-09-10 B236 FLYING GENERAL C K Tong Allan I.W. Perfect Club Syndicate HV 1000 0.56.50
2004-09-15 B232 JOLLY GAINS D Whyte Man K.L. Focal Syndicate HV 1000 0.56.70
2005-09-14 E135 SUNNY SING M Rodd Moore J. Matthew Wong Leung Pak HV 1000 0.57.00
2006-09-27 G011 FLORAL PEGASUS C K Tong Cruz A.S. Jacky Chan Cheung Ming and Mr & Mrs Sammy Chan Cheong Yuk HV 1650 1.38.70
2007-10-28 E188 CRUSADER OF GOLD A Delpech Ferraris D.E. Winston Chow Wing Kin, Chow Chu May Ping, Raymond Gianco Chow Hon Man & the Executors of the Estate of the late Chow Nam HV 1800 1.49.90
2008-10-19 H197 BULLISH WIN E Saint-Martin Cruz A.S. Wong Wing Keung HV 1650 1.41.71
2009-10-21 G202 ISLAND SPEED K C Leung Ng B.K. Ng To HV 1000 0.56.69
2010-10-20 L110 JUN DAO Y T Cheng Hall D.J. Kwok Ho HV 1000 0.57.29
2011-10-12 L391 OWNERS’ GLORY D Beadman Shum C.S. HK Racehorse Owners Assn Syndicate HV 1800 1.52.15
2012-10-24 N371 ENDOWING D Whyte Size J. Ada Wong Yin Man HV 2200 2.17.44
2013-10-09 N217 AMBASSADORSHIP K Teetan Yiu P F David Sin Wai Kin HV 1800 1.50.49
2014-11-19 L183 RIDE WITH THE WIND C Y Ho K W Lui Eddie Ho Ping Chang & Alexander Ho Wing Wah HV 1800 1.50.25
2015-11-11 T011 COUNTRY MELODY J Moreira J Size HK Country Club Racing Syndicate HV 1000 0.57.35
2016-10-19 T426 VICTORY MARVEL C Schofield C Fownes See Wai Keung HV 1200 1.10.37
2017-11-08 A079 FANTASTIC EIGHT U Rispoli P F Yiu UNO Eight Syndicate HV 1200 1.09.56





1970s, after the professionalization of Hong Kong racing record:


The Most Winning Trainer:
J Moore 4 times


The Most Winning Jockey:
D Whyte 3 times


975 – 2200 has been run as racing distance.


1986-10-18, so far was the only race on sand, all the rest were raced on turf.





1938-02-23, incidentally, Cameronian went on to win the Tyro Stakes again in his next race, held on the fourth day of that Annual Race Meeting,


thus became the Winner of three races in three race days.






American Club Cup – video showcase

American Club Cup – photo gallery





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