5-win day, Encarnacao 1938-02-22

One Walk-over in Five Wins


1938-02-22 Encarnacao 5-win-day with the dramatic walk-over American Club Cup.




1938-02-22 was the third day of the remarkable 5 days Annual Race Meeting in spring at Happy Valley.

The races of the second day were held under splendid conditions, and thousands of punters attended chiefly to witness the running of the classic event, the HongKong Derby.

The third day of the meeting was again favored by the good weather, only punters were not as many as yesterday.





Annual Race Meeting, the 2nd Day

CAMERONIAN (Mr Encarnacao) ran beautifully to win the Lusitano Cup to pay backers a much bigger dividend than they had expected.

Mr Senhor A.B. Laborinho, Consul General for Portugal, presented the cup to the owner, in the presence of His Excellency the Governor.


In the eighth race, the Derby, the favourite, DESERT CHIEF, with Mr Encarnacao on the saddle, once had a leading position until well went to the straight.

He appeared to have race well and truly won until Mr Moller gradually brought SIKYLIGHT out of the ruck to overhaul him.

The pony bounded forward at every shake of the whip and in powerful strides passed the post a truly gallant winner by three length.



Annual Race Meeting, the 3rd Day

The following day, Encarnacao, the Portuguese master from Shanghai rivaled with the famous Eurasian rising from Tsingtao.

Jockey, Mr V V Needa , who had ridden the last three Derby winners, and had two wins a day before.

This time the two brilliant jockeys meet in the Royal Navy Cup and the Governor’s Cup.


Mr C Encarnacao fine’s riding gained two wins due to Mr V V Needa could not keep his lead from start.


On the extraordinary race, the American Club Cup, CAMERONIAN (Encarnacao) was the only entrant.

The fortune gave to one punter too, that made punters and other owners astonished and envy.


It was the first time ever happened in Annual Racing Meeting, so for his jockey, Mr Encarnacao received the victory with effortless ease.





1 FINAL TRIUMPH Kwok Hin Wang Kalgan Plate 1 mile 23 21.6 2.07.3
5 ROSE EVELYN Eu Tong Sen Royal Navy Cup 1 mile 171 yards 7 6.4 2.18.2
7 CAMERONIAN Eu Tong Sen American Club Cup 1 mile 171 yards 1 – – – – – –
8 SMILING THRU Eu Tong Sen Governor’s Cup 1 mile 15 10.7 2.04.4
11 DESERT CHIEF Eu Tong Sen Racing Stakes 1 mile 4 5.3 1.59.2


Race 1 – The Kalgan Plate

There was a big field to run, BORRACHITO (Mr A Noodt) slightly in the lead first until they passed the Observer’s Box.

When FINAL TRIUMPH moved up from about the middle and ran strongly to challenge the leader.

After the neck to neck fight, it won only by half length, BORRACHITO second, CUBAN LOVE (B.L.Tao) third.


Race 5 – Royal Navy Cup

Mr C Encarnacao rode ROSE EVELYN began to lead at the Black Rock after TABBY CAT (Mr V V Needa) left behind.

The leading ponies were followed by CORONATION DAY

(Mr S W Tang) and GOLD COIN (Mr B L Tao),

Finally ROSE EVELYN had four length at the finish, result in that order.


Race 7 – The American Club Cup

Something of a sensation was caused in the race.

Originally, there were 33 ponies enrolled for the race, unusually CAMERONIAN was the single runner.

Mr Encarnacao had only to trot past the winning post, actually not yet completed the distance of 1 mile 171 yards, but it brought the highest cash sweep $3,534 to punters of the day.

Mr Eu Tong-sen led in the pony and was greeted with loud cheers.


Race 8 – The Governor’s Cup

PLANCHET (Mr V V Needa) led the way for the first half but fell away after that.

SMILING THRU was kept in the fourth position then he ran confidently with fine style after passing the Observer’s Box.

At last he won by half a length to GOLDEN COW (Mr S C Liang), SALVAGE MASTER (Mr D Black) followed.


Race 11 – The Racing Stakes

It was a race where only four ponies went to the post,.

DESERT CHIEF (Mr C Encarnacao) ran to the front first from barrier and cut out.

Finally he won the race easily in a canter inside 2 minutes, finishing many lengths in front of JOBER (Mr B L Tao) which was a length again in front of LANCASHIRE LASS (Mr A Noodt).

Including this race, Encarnacao had four wins for Mr Eu Tong-sen ,a most successful owner of the day.





During the Annual Race Meeting, Mr C Encarnacao mounted all the ponies of Mr Eu Tong-sen.

CAMERONIAN brought him two wins.

On the third day, the excellent jockeyship of Mr C Encarnacao, the shanghai jockey who had five firsts and a third in seven starts.


1938-02-23, the Hong Kong Daily Press made the headline “ Mr C Encarnacao rides five winners at the Valley”.

Owner Eu Tong-sen scored four wins and two thirds.

Mrs Eu received the trophy from his Excellency the Governor, Sir Geoffry Northcote in the The Governor’s Cup.

No doubt, they were the most successful jockey and owner in the course of the day.





Zhangjiakou means “Zhang family gate” built by Governor General Zhang Jen in 1529. Older name for the town was historically known to the Europeans as Kalgan until the mid 20th century.

This name derives from the Mongolian name of the city, Cighulaltu qaghalgha or shorter, “haalgan” which means “the gate” (in the Great Wall). As the gate size is small.


Walk Over or Walk-over, or Walkover: An event where only one runner participates in a race.

In English, a walkover or W.O. (originally two words: walk over ) is the awarding of a victory to a contestant because there are no other contestants, or because the other contestants have been disqualified or have forfeited (the winner has merely to walk over the finishing line).

The term can apply in sport, but can also apply to elections. This is also referred to as winning by default . The word is used more generally by extension, particularly in politics, for a contest in which the winner, although not the only participant, has little or no competition.




Encarnacao, Charlie – 《RacingMemories.HK》



Acknowledgment to Mr Peter Yuen and Mr Kelvin Lee for relevant data.

Acknowledgment to HKJC Racing Registry for offering relevant records.





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