2010-06-20 Fownes & Prebble 6 wins in One card



Fownes 6 wins in 1 card; Prebble 1 card with 6 wins





Dream day for Prebble and Fownes


699 1 C Fownes R1 TOUT VA BIEN 5 P Prebble 1200 Wing Wo Handicap
701 1 C Fownes R3 PERFECT GEAR 3 P Prebble 1200 Gilman Handicap
702 1 K L Man R4 MY TIME 4 P Prebble 1200 Man Yiu Handicap
704 2 C Fownes R6 TELECOM GOGO 4 P Prebble 1200 Pottinger Handicap
705 7 C Fownes R7 WIN PRACTITIONER 3 C K Tong 2200 Li Yuen Handicap
706 8 C Fownes R8 JUMBO GOLD 3 P Prebble 1200 HK Exchange Chal. Cup
707 2 C Fownes R9 O’REILLY MAGIC 3 P Prebble 1650 Harbour View Handicap





Caspar Fownes has a good strike-rate with his runners at Happy Valley.
He sent out six winners in a single race meeting.
This equalized the records in Hong Kong before and after professional racing era.


Prebble landed his six winning rides at Happy Valley which was a Hong Kong record by that time.





With a Hong Kong record breaking six victories at Happy Valley this afternoon Brett Prebble dealt sledgehammer blows to Douglas Whyte‘s dreams of a tenth successive jockeys’ championship, and with just six meetings to go the Australian is poised to deprive the South African of the title he must almost have come to think of as his personal property. Prebble’s six hit comprised TOUT VA BIEN, PERFECT GEAR, MY TIME, TELECOM GOGO, JUMBO GOLD and O’REILLY MAGIC.
Whyte got one winner back with VIVA GUY, but having begun the day only four behind on 86 winners to Prebble’s 90, the champion now finds himself facing a veritable chasm with the gap at 96-87.


Prebble’s principal accomplice in what may turn out to have been the decisive day in the battle between the two great riders was Caspar Fownes, who himself equalled the Hong Kong training record in professional era, set almost 35 years ago by Cheung Hok Man on 15 Nov 1975, with a sensational six winners in a single day. Five of them were parterned by Prebble with the other, WIN PRACTITIONER, driven home by C K Tong.


Fownes delight was plain for everyone to see, and it was no doubt increased by the knowledge that this remarkable haul puts him back in with a chance of retaining his trainers’ championship after it had seemed that John Size, who began the day 12 winners in front on 66, had built an unassailable lead. “I’ve had five before” said Fownes “but obviously not six. I’m very pleased to have had such an exciting day, particularly on Father’s Day with my father here on the track and my kids watching at home on TV.”


Prebble’s own comment on his six triumphs was equally modest, and he clearly isn’t counting any chickens yet. “It’s a fantastic day. Six winners is a personal record for me, and I just feel very privileged to have been able to break the Hong Kong record. As far as the championship’s concerned, I know it gives me a big margin now. But there are lots of Sha Tin meetings coming up and may be Douglas will have some better rides than me there, so I’m just going to have to keep going and hope I hold the lead until the line.”





Fownes and Prebble were teamed to score the Hong Kong Exchange Challenge Cup.
All the races they won were run on turf with a field of 12.





1975-11-15 Cheung hok-man got his 6 wins in a single race meeting.
1965-04-03, 1965-04-24 George Sofronoff got his 6 wins in those 2 race days accordingly.
2013-04-07 Prebble’s record was matched by D Whyte.





Caspar Fownes – Record File – HKJC
Brett Prebble – Record File – HKJC



Acknowledgement to HKJC Racing Registry for offering record data.





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