1849-01-15 Annual Race Meeting






This 1849 Annual Race Meeting was held one week before Chinese New Year.
1849-01-24 was the first day of a Year of the Rooster.





There were three days racing, on the 15th, 16th and 17th of January, 1849.
The programmes comprised seventeen races of which nine and one steeple-chase were for ponies and seven for horses.
There were fifteen Flat Races in total.





1849-01-15 First Day, Mon.
1. The Wong-nei-chong Stakes
2. The Canton Cup
3. The Valley Stakes
4. The Arab Welter Stakes
5. The Hack Stakes
6. The Sydney Welter Stakes


1849-01-16 Second Day, Tue.
1. The Pony Welter Stakes
2. The Plenipotentiary’s Cup
3. The Victoria Plate
4. The Arab Stakes
5. The Scurry Stakes
6. The Ladies’ Purse


1849-01-17 Third Day, Wed.
1. The Hunter’s Plate
2. The Pony Hurdle Race
3. The Native Purse
4. The Handicap Stakes
5. The Hongkong Steeple Chase





The Wong-nei-chong Stakes, for all ponies under 13 hands, once round, was won by Mr. Clement’s CHARLIE.
The Canton Cup, for all horses: Arabs 9 st. 7 lb.—Sydney and Cape horses 11 st. was won by Mr. Chance’s LOTTERY.
The Valley Stakes, for all ponies 13.2 hands and under, once round and a distance, was won by Mr. Scott’s TETOY.


The Plenipotentiary’s Cup, presented by Governor H. E. Mr. G. Bonham, C.B.
It was or all horses, weights as in the Canton Cup — from the distance twice round and in.
It was won by Mr. Day’s KATHLEEN.
Mr. Alexander’s grey STYLE was second and Mr. Chance’s LOTTERY third.


The Ladies’ Purse—handicap for all ponies, once round and a distance, was won by CHARLIE.





The trophies, runners, distances and courses were quite diversified.
While the Race Committee still was not a Racing Club, citizens had diversified their other leisure activities.





On the shoreline of Hong Kong Harbour where the City Hall stands today was once the home of Hong Kong‘s oldest club.
1849-10-25, Victoria Recreation Club was established, after having been in operation in Canton since 1832.
The “father” of all sporting clubs in the Colony is undoubtedly the Victoria Recreation Club.
When the Colony was in its infancy, it was under the name of the Victoria Regatta Club.


Welter, the most heavily weighted race in a meeting. The meaning “confused mass” is first recorded from earlier welter “heavyweight horseman or boxer” (1804), possibly from welt (v.) “beat severely” (c. 1400). .


960 meters = 1/2 mile 170 yards, 1207 meters = 6 Furlong, 1609 meters = 1 mile, 1766 meters = 1 mile 171 yards, 2012 meters = 1-1/4mile, 2816 meters = 1-3/4 miles.






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