《New & Old Horse Name List》- China ponies

HKRC remnant; HKJC relic
(1942-1945 Japanese occupation period)




Statistic records verified from different sources so far:


Num. Original Name New Name Colour Height
1 Blue Diamond 飛玉 Fei Yuk roan 14.1
2 Blue Field 飛來 Fei Loi bay 14.1
3 Boolat Bay 飛縹 Fei Pew red 14.1
4 Burford 銀絲 Ngan See bay 14.1
5 Celtic Star 恆星 Hang Sing bay 14.0
6 Charlesber 柳岸 Lau Ngon bay 14.1
7 Clember 金雞 Kam Kai red 14.1
8 Confusion Bay 昭南 Chiu Lam bay 14.1
9 Dupont Bay 大鵬 Tai Pang dark-bay 14.1
10 Emergency Unit 飛劍 Fei Kim red 13.3
11 English Cavalier 太保 Tai Po red 14.1
12 Eve of Folly 飛霜 Fei Seong bay 14.1
13 Eve of Heaven 飛天 Fei Tien bay 14.1
14 Eve of Hunting 飛虹 Fei Hoong bay 14.0
16 Hve of Peace 桃花 To Fa bay 14.0
17 Eve of Reason 共榮 Kung Wing bay 14.1
18 Expansion Time 母獅 Mo See iron-roan 14.1
19 Forty Six 松竹 Chung Choke red 14.1
20 Galaxy 銀河 Ngan Ho bay 14.0
21 Guinness Time 濟時 Chai Si red 14.0
22 Hopeful Star 壽星 Sau Sing roan 14.1
23 Hughber 雪梅 Suet Mui roan 14.1
24 Humdrum Eve 秋景 Chau King red 14.1
25 Iron Beauty 鐵甲 Tit Kap bay 14.1
26 Jennifer 銀杏 Ngan Hang red 14.1
27 Johnber 彩虹 Choy Hung bay 14.1
28 Lancashire Chap 飛鳳 Fei Wong roan 13.3
29 Lancashire Lass 勇士 Yung See roan 14.1
30 Lilliber 雪花 Saet Far bay 14.1
31 Lovely Star 閃電 Sim Tien . bay 14.1
32 Mount Hope Bay 寶灣 Po Wan bay 14.1
33 Night Express 朝陽 Chiu Yeung bay 14.1
34 O-Lan 阿蘭 A Lan dark-bay 14.0
35 Oolong 鳥龍 Oolong  dark-bay 14.1
37 Oscar Zylch 銀星 Ngan Sing bay 14.1
40 Potentate 北斗 Pak Tau red 14.0
41 Red Feather 烈獅 Lit See bay 14.1
42 Resisting Time 濟世 Chai Sai red 13.3
43 Ronson 浪山 Long Saan bay 14.0
44 Rose Perfect 錦華 Kam Wa bay 14.1
45 Sam's Choice 飛鹿 Fei Luk bay 14.0
47 Spicylight 祥光 Cheong Kwong bay 14.1
48 Sunlight View 捷徑 Chip King red 14.1
50 Taxing Master 畫眉 Wa Mei red 14.1
51 Thirty Six 曙光 Chu Kwong red 14.1
52 This Time 飛泉 Fei Chuen bay 14.0
53 Valorous 石榴 Siek Lau roan 14.1
54 Velvetlight 絨光 Yung Kwong bay 14.1
55 West Lake 飛魚 Fei Yu red 14.0
56 White Diamond 白鑽 Pak Chuen red 14.1
57 Wonderful Scheme 希望 Hei Mong bay 14.1
58 World Fair View 覽景 Lam King black 14.1
59 Odeon 大浪 Tai Long bay 14.1
60 Eve of Democracy 勝霸 Sing Bar bay 14.1
61 Walber 東亞 Tung Ah black 14.1




1942-1945, during the Japanese occupation period, HKJC was replaced by HKRC.
About 270 ponies and horses were recorded in 4 lists:
China Ponies
Old Australian Ponies
1942 Australian Griffins
1942 Australian Subscription Ponies


Number, Original Name, New Name in Chinese and English (pronunciation), Colour, Height were itemized.
Some ponies and horses were missing along the Number sequences of those 4 lists.
New names in English were just pronunciations in Cantonese without any English meanings.
Colour classifications were not as diversified as those descriptions in official racebooks before WWII.
Height was measured by ‘hand’-unit.


1942-1945《New & Old Horse Name List》was innovated by HKRC during the Japanese occupation period.
All the data and Content were believed to be proposed and written by Mr Shen Kut-shing (Lo Kut).
English names of ponies and horses were recorded, renamed or translated to Chinese, then approved officially and used unanimously for the first time in history.

But such a Chinese naming system might be proposed by him, then being approved and implemented by the HKJC, after WWII.





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Acknowledgment: Hong Kong Racing Secretary; HKJC Archives; Hong Kong Racing Museum for relevant content.





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